Strategic Advantages of Salesforce CRM

A quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a must in any business nowadays. Salesforce CRM is currently the market leader among all the available CRMs. We take a look at the advantages of Salesforce over other CRMs.

Ease of use- Salesforce CRM is designed to serve a wide range of enterprises several of whom lack knowledge of technology and software. The former can be utilized by even novice users. The Salesforce CRM provides an intuitive and simple user interface unmatched by contemporary CRMs. As opposed to other CRMs users don’t have to be involved with programming or go through data regarding product updates. In other words, an easy to comprehend format is offered which has minimum difficulty as well as inconvenience.

Superior value proposition – There exists minimum or zero risk when employing this CRM. As a result of its modest acquiring expenses as well as low-risk management as an organizational software there is hardly anything to lose and a great deal to benefit from.

Handling Territories – When you possess a team of sales folk of various sizes the question arises how do you manage the territories for them to target. Salesforce is the best tool for all sorts of tracking and monitoring purposes. The leading CRM helps do the following

1. Automation as well as superior management of lead processing and territories
2. Leads can be allocated to maximize business and be customized around the business objectives
3. Instant email notifications enable sales personnel to follow up with clients as well as prospects in real time.
4. High levels of efficiency as well as integrity can be reached by eliminating the occurrence of multiple folk contacting from the same organization

Innovative – Salesforce CRM offers much more and better innovation when benchmarked against its competitors.

Greater Market Share and Trust Quotient– The CRM is the clear market leader and is poised to dominate even more. Thanks to its unmatched levels of offerings, quality and customer service most businesses repose their faith in this business tool.

Hassle free– As the CRM is cloud based there is no requirement of software installation or hardware maintenance. Business’s don’t have to worry about upgrades as that is taken care of.

Better security– Salesforce CRM implements a multi layered data security process that ensures minimum security breaches as well as downtime.

Superior performance – By employing Salesforce enterprises can view all individual accounts, contacts, tasks, events as well as opportunities relevant to a lead which provides the business ample data prior to engaging with potential clients.

Other competitive advantages of Salesforce CRM Development include better accessibility, time management, team collaboration, level of integration, round the clock technical support among others.