Salesforce Consulting brings you an exceptional solution to all your Salesforce related problems. Our salesforce consulting team is here to serve you with supreme quality solutions to all your salesforce issues. We provide you the best salesforce tool to increase your efficiency in sales, marketing, and CRM related activities. It’s a one-stop solution for all the B2B and B2C companies working in IT, business services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance and banking, telecoms and more.

Salesforce Products We Work On

Sales Cloud – Managing and keeping track of sales is a hefty task that is why we’re here to serve you. Once we understand your yearly sales, we design a plan that would be best suitable for you to manage and track your sales with just one click.

Marketing Cloud – Marketing is a vast domain in the world of business so it is isn’t a piece of cake to cover all the marketing techniques by an organization. Here’s when Atocloud’s Salesforce Marketing service comes handy. We help you target all the digital marketing techniques such as e-mails, ads, campaigns, and many more.

Service Cloud – Keeping the customer satisfied is the first priority of any organization- whether big or small. Our services keep you updated with all the customers’ data in order to keep a record and track of their activities. It is basically there for you to maintain a workflow with your clients on a regular basis.

What Do Our Salesforce Consultants do?

For a well-managed business, CRM and salesforce tools are something that adds more value to your business. It understands your needs and delivers you with provisions that work best for you.

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Defining Business Objectives – Our salesforce team’s objective is to understand the customer’s requirements. We deeply study your business and based on our analysis, we provide you with suggestions to make you ace in the department of CRM. Consulting with the salesforce team helps you to make decisions wisely and efficiently.

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Making a Choice – Once the consultation process is over, we move ahead to find out what suits you the best without making a huge hole in your pocket. There are multiple cloud options to choose from but that totally depends on what your business demands.

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Our Recommendations – Being a consultation team, it’s our responsibility to recommend what would be suitable for the prosperous growth of your business. We do not wish for you to invest your time and money on the features that are not required.

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Planning Implementation – Our goal is to meet our commitments in the given time frame so it is very necessary to strategize everything and then implement our actions. We do not wish to leave any stone unturned to keep you fully satisfied with our results.

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Planning Customizations – Many business organizations require custom made solutions for themselves such as e-commerce platforms. This helps in making the salesforce system fully compliant and aligned to your business requirements. It fits into its role like a glove, making salesforce a child’s play for you.

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Supervising Implementation – Once the planned strategy has been implemented, it becomes a vital role to supervise it. In order to do that, we try to understand if there are any glitches being faced by the customer and the user.

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Designing a User Adoption Strategy – Using a new interface with new techniques can be a hefty task, so we’re here to serve you for that as well. We create a user adoption strategy which not only provides the user with the appropriate training but also makes sure all the unsolved queries are focused upon.

Challenges We Solve

  • Irregular sales process- Irregularity in handling sales and it’s data leads to a low sales rate that is why we’re here to manage your sales records and provide you with customized solutions to your sales management problems. This process helps in improving the efficiency on the operational end so that no possible lead is left unconverted into a sale.
  • Lengthy case resolutions-We are here to help you improve the customer services via default or custom case management functionality of Service Cloud. A customer’s queries should never be left hanging because it can hamper the overall goodwill of any organization. Service cloud allows you to automatically assign the case, helps you in prioritizing and thus reduces the waiting time of the customer.
  • Personal approach in marketing- The key to successful marketing is by making your approach with the customer more up close and personal. Marketing Cloud makes sure that all the ad campaigns and mailers which are being conducted, have more of a natural and privatized approach rather than a straight forward one. This helps the customer to connect with the brand, thus making your marketing successful.
  • Barriers between customer and partner communication- A feedback on all your products and services help you to become a better organization. It creates a warm space in the hearts of the customers as well as improves your goodwill in the market. Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform that can handle such issues with much more ease. It has help forums that are always available to serve your clients. This platform also gives the customer’s feedback, allowing you to improve and enhance your tactics.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services include:-

Business Architecture design

Business case and process implementation

 Custom Development on

Right Salesforce execution and implementation

Automate demanding situations and conventional issues

Improve business deliverables

Maintain high standard quality

Improve business process to sustain growing business needs

Rectify errors in Business process

3rd party integrations as per Business requirement

End-to-End support

Remote Administration

Data migration and management consulting

Appexchange Solution & recommendation

User Training

As a solid Salesforce CRM counseling and preparing supplier, we have involvement in managing divergent customers who believe us for our provoke help, reasonable administrations, and first-class arrangements. Atocloud, Salesforce Consulting Partner will likely give you innovative arrangements that cut expenses, enhance proficiency, spare time and expand the advantage.

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Salesforce CRM stage is a standout amongst the most famous cloud-based frameworks being utilized by associations to enhance business procedures and upgrade operational efficiencies in a straightforward and savvy way. Our salesforce consultant can bolster you in executing a Salesforce CRM framework without any preparation, help you in enhancing your client experience, and help you in overseeing particular assignments so that your business forms run easily. We know how to influence Salesforce CRM stage and create arrangements that take care of an extensive variety of issues inside your association.

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