Salesforce Success Story of Sports Engine Minnesota

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Salesforce Success Story of DIY Dental Impression kit USA

DIY Dental Impression kit is an online eCommerce store powered by WordPress & WooCommerce. Client had a tough time and tedious job of transferring data such as Order details, Customer details, New leads through contact us form and manually writing emails to each successful order placed on eCommerce store.

Team was hired to create a bridge that is Uni-directional and transfers data from WordPress to Salesforce automatically.

Team has been efficient both in Salesforce and Web Platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify, took up this challenge and started off with feasibility of job. Leveraging best practice this integration was successfully completed. New Orders placed on eCommerce store was synced within Salesforce standard / custom objects.

New customer details were synced within Salesforce contacts. All contact form submissions were synced within Salesforce as Leads, And finally automated email were designed to shoot an email whenever order status gets change. Overall Integration improved performance of client organization and made complete process simpler and productive.