Digital Transformation for your Small Business

The worldwide lockdowns in COVID-19 pandemic, show the crystal-clear future of online businesses. Where big brands were already showing their online presence, it’s high time for small businesses to take steps towards their Digital Transformation. Waiting for the new normal situation would change nothing but can push their businesses in the wrong direction.     

Digital Transformation meant to implement new technology in the organization. This includes each area, from the beginning of product development, to when it reaches the customers. The requirements of digital transformation may differ from business to business, but it's aiming the same goal of taking the organization to the next level.

For some businesses, adopting Cloud software to run a more smooth organization is Digital Transformation. Whether implementing an advanced Customer Relationship Management system is a Digital Transformation for some of them. Digital Transformation allows you to select the different areas of business that are the most important for processes, and we are talking about those businesses.

Following four steps help you to explore the idea of digital transformation for small business: 

1) Use Cloud for making the system accessible for every- 

Salesforce Cloud Computing solutions not only make the system accessible to everyone but do far more than that, in this time of need. It can reduce cost, time and energy. It also helps to reduce in-house IT costs like purchasing required software & hardware and paying an IT staff. Apart from that, the problem of heavy-file download and sharing with clients or employees can be resolved. With options such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, you can store the data in a better way.  

2) Design a better Customer relationship management for smooth-running customer services-

It doesn’t matter what the situation is outside your customer needs to get the best customer service experience. Instant solution of products related issues is a priority of any customer services, which can be fulfilled by CRM efficiently.         

You can Implement Salesforce CRM Solutions in your organization. CRM software system helps to organize all customer-related communication, engagement, document sharing and much more.    

3) Strengthen data privacy and security-

When everyone is working from home, as a small business, you cannot control your employees to use their laptops and mobile WIFI. In this situation, strengthening data security is the utmost important process to perform. Therefore, why not to use such platforms to supply security for business and working ease to employees.     

Salesforce identifies and authenticators help you with the matter of security, especially to the small business. Your employees can access any platform, anytime from anywhere. The two-factor authentication gives it a double security layer, as per now, your employees should ask for a verification code, which you can send by mail or text message.    

4) Use of the power of analytics for better design making- 

A trusted source should always be the resource of your confirmed information to take the important design for business. The power of data can’t be ignored, when you can solve a lot with this information about your customers, just by sitting in your homes.  

Business Intelligence software of Salesforce provides remarkable results through better decision-making. It helps you to effectively collect and analyze the important business-related information and marketing data to make better decisions for future business growth. Adopting the software in the organization helps your workforce to educate related to business systems. And they will provide better customer support and develop better communication systems.

Benefits of Adopting Digital Transformation in business

  • The better customer experience 
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Improve Business efficiency and flexibility
  • Increase Sales and Growth
  • Develop better customer retention
  • Run the business process smoothly
  • Increase automation speed of the business process
  • Helps to develop a healthy business environment
  • Helps in business marketplace expansion
  • Helps to make better management decisions
  • More layers of security

To cut a long story short, it can be said that the Digital Transformation of businesses can help to increase their profit by making business processes run smoother. It can find loopholes in the system, and any hurdles that may stop your business from succeeding. Most importantly, it offers a complete solution to face the new age issues of online business in terms of security, customer service, flexibility and much more. You can hire a Salesforce Consulting Services to know how Digital Transformation can change your Small business in a large one.