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Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) is designed to empower growing businesses with the accuracy & ease of performing key tasks in Sales and improving quote-to-cash conversion. At AtoCloud, we have a highly skilled Salesforce CPQ developer who knows Salesforce from in & out and is here to help you from Salesforce CPQ consulting to implementation & boost your sales by many folds. Want to know how Salesforce CPQ Consultants enhance your workflow & sales? Scroll down to know the benefits it brings to your organization.

Benefits Of Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ
Closes Complex DealsCloses Complex Deals

It helps you close complex deals with ease & speeds up the process by clearing the Sales pipeline. It automates Contracted Pricing, Contract Amendments, and Renewals & provides 360-degree visibility of customer details with CRM integration.

Financial RisksMinimizes Financial Risks

It minimizes your financial risks with a unified pricing engine to eliminate pricing & contract discrepancies. It also automates the inter-department approval chain & speeds up the process. Top MNCs like Mitsubishi have reported a 50% rise in ROI with CPQ.

Automates Customer LifecycleAutomates Customer Lifecycle

It reduces manual work by automating various customer processes like generating one-time or recurring invoices, invoice consolidation, & splitting quotes for complex order fulfillment. It streamlines electronic payments via ACH or credit card.

Generate Insights ReportsGenerates Insightful Reports

Its smart analytics feature leverages AI to create insightful reports on sales trends across geographies, products & sales teams. It improves revenue with real-time updates on MRR & churn KPIs, and by eliminating quotation bottlenecks.

Saves TimeSaves Time

It speeds up the sales process by bridging inter-team gaps & facilitating a smooth flow of information. Top brands like Dominos Printing Sciences & Cloudera, have reported 3 times faster quote delivery with CPQ for Salesforce. It also boosts client confidence by reducing their time spent in the sales pipeline.

Save more time with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce CPQ Solution

Salesforce CPQ Analysis Salesforce CPQ Analysis & Consultation

Our Salesforce CPQ Consultants analyze your business needs & evaluate the suitability of this tool for your organization. We empower you with a complete roadmap to make the most of CPQ implementation.

Salesforce CPQ ImplementationSalesforce CPQ Implementation

From installation to establishing a complete setup, our experts perform all Salesforce CPQ implementation services followed by training to allow efficient use of the solution.

Salesforce CPQ Custom LayoutsSalesforce CPQ Custom Layouts

We design customized quote templates that reflect your brand & values, and at the same time are user-friendly with features like a transparent price structure.

Salesforce CPQ IntegrationSalesforce CPQ Integration

With our Salesforce CPQ integration services, our experts can integrate your application with other software & tools like Salesforce CRM, CMS platform, Adobe E-Signatures, etc. to ensure the secure and smooth transfer of data.

Salesforce CPQ for LightningSalesforce CPQ for Lightning

We provide CPQ implementation for the Salesforce Lightning cloud. We aim to turn your application into a self-service platform for your customers to facilitate faster & easier work on quotes or contacts.

Salesforce cpq supportSalesforce CPQ IT Support & Maintenance

We believe in building ever-lasting bonds with clients. While others start their journey from Salesforce CPQ consulting and end it at project delivery, we strive for more. Our team will be there to back you up with excellent salesforce support and maintenance service for the smooth functioning of your business.

Salesforce CPQ

Let’s discuss your idea and implement the innovative Salesforce solution.

Frequently Asked

People usually have these questions in mind. If you have any other which we didn’t cover, feel free to contact us & ask.

Salesforce CPQ is an indispensable tool that enables your sales teams to generate quotes for complex products quickly and accurately. CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote and it is exactly what it does.

Salesforce CPQ helps businesses close complex deals, minimize financial risks, generate insightful reports, automate customer lifecycle, and save time. It is a comprehensive solution for your sales team.

SFDC CPQ is specially built for businesses dealing with complex products (e.g., technology, medical, healthcare, life sciences) sold in custom packages. You must consider it if your sales team frequently updates quotes manually, for example, based on data from distinct systems.

Atocloud offers profuse services like Salesforce CPQ Analysis & Consultation, Salesforce CPQ Implementation, Salesforce CPQ Integration, Salesforce CPQ Custom Layouts, Salesforce CPQ for Lightning, and Salesforce CPQ IT Support & Maintenance to provide you with each & every solution. Our technical team is well-versed in Salesforce CPQ and can help you take complex decisions.