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Salesforce Lightning Experience

Faster & Simpler Framework to Build Applications Without Relying on Code

Salesforce Lightning Development

Our Salesforce Lightning Development Services comes up with the best and most efficient strategy for Saleforce Lightning Migration. Our experts also possess the expertise as well as implementation experience to develop custom Salesforce Lightning web components that follow the security guidelines for AppExchange publishing.

Our Salesforce Lightning Services include

Salesforce Lightning Consulting

Our Salesforce Lightning Consultant will understand all your specific requirements and come up with a perfect strategy to convert all your ideas into practical solutions.

Salesforce Lightning App Development

Accelerate your development and performance of apps with our Salesforce Lightning developer. They use Lightning components such as reusable building blocks to build the ideal app for your business.

Lightning readiness check

Not just Salesforce Lightning development, our experts use Readiness Check to scan and report how your business is functioning online. This helps create a personalised road map for your success.

Lightning Process Automation

Say your goodbyes to tiring repetitive workflows. Using the Lightning process builder, we boost sales by automating lengthy business processes.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

One of our best Salesforce Lightning Services is helping you migrate into lightning with 0% inconvenience or data loss.

Implementation and deployment of Lightning Experience

We conduct seamless migration making sure no data is lost and users don’t have to experience inconvenience.

Salesforce Lightning Features

Salesforce Lightning comes loaded with features that make it superior to its predecessor. The good news is, our experts help you get the most out of all its core features, helping you unlock the better, faster version of Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Lightning App BuilderWe create intuitive custom app pages with Salesforce Lightning App Builder. It’s a ‘point-and-click’ app-building tool that gives all that a developer needs to build an app in one place. It gives lets our developers update, configure, and customize the app’s navigation till you get the perfect result.
  • Salesforce Lightning Dashboard & ReportsMultiple reports, all on a single page with Salesforce Lightning Dashboard. From charts to tables, the summarized data is in clean, easy-to-understand reports using dashboard components to make the job of developers faster and easier.
  • Salesforce Lightning ConnectLightning Connect is an extended feature of Salesforce Connect that gives users access to data from external sources and compare it with Salesforce data. Our developers can help you sync data between Salesforce and legacy systems like Oracle and NetSuite.
  • Salesforce Lightning ExperienceThe Salesforce Lightning Experience is a quicker, livelier, and more personalized user experience. Optimized for major clouds like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, this helps representatives sell faster, connect with customers easily and give them the best overall customer experience.

Flaunting with Pride

It takes hard work to build robust solutions that our clients demand. Luckily, we at Atocloud thrive under pressure, which is why we can step up when it matters & deliver projects that make a difference with our Salesforce Development Services.


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Step by Step Operation


Add the power of automation with Salesforce Pardot

Why Hire Us?



We have expertise in AppExchange with considerable experience in deploying Lightning ready apps.


Leverage Lightning APP

We leverage Lightning App along with Process Builders enabling customizations in the future be simpler as well as be done in lesser time.


Pixel Perfect

We are adept at crafting Lightning based pixel perfect designs

Let’s discuss your idea and implement the innovative Salesforce solution.

Frequently Asked

People usually have these questions in mind. If you have any other which we didn’t cover, feel free to contact us & ask.

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a modern and enriched user interface particularly designed to improve productivity and provide a consistent experience across different devices. The interface offers a more intuitive way to interact with Salesforce and comes with robust features such as customizable dashboards, lightning pages, and lightning components.

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is a new programming model designed to build Lightning components. It helps in building reusable UI components with modern web standards like web components, JavaScript, and HTML. On the other hand, Lightning components are built with custom frameworks based on Aura. LWC is considered a faster and more efficient option as compared to Lightning components.

Components built using the Lightning Component framework can be reused across different applications and can be easily customized to serve your specific business needs. It also promotes efficient development and deployment of Lightning components.

There are primarily two types of Salesforce components- Standard and Custom components. Standard components are the components that are pre-installed in Salesforce, whereas Custom components are ones developed by professional developers with the help of the Lightning component framework.

Lightning components are reusable building blocks that help in building modern and responsive web applications for the Salesforce platform. They are developed to be modular so that they can be used across numerous applications and can be easily personalized. Lightning components are made using the Lightning component framework.