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Add–on more functionalities to your Salesforce CRM

With our Salesforce Integration Services, Connect your Salesforce CRM Platform with your most frequently used third-party applications to:

  • Boost the productivity of your team
  • Streamline key processes by automating them
  • Improve sales and marketing strategies by providing vital data to your team
  • Discover a new level of Salesforce experience

Atocloud’s Top Salesforce Integrations

Often, people are left hanging between two technologies with great individual features because there’s no way to make them work together. However, we can architect Salesforce integrations, no matter how complex. We can build something custom with middleware or use third-party solutions. We've integrated Salesforce with several custom APIs and AppExchange products recently; here is the list below:  

Custom Integrations

AppExchange Integrations

Customer Success Stories

Lifemedsafety - USA

Lifemedsafety aims to provide life-saving equipment to smaller towns and communities. Our team helped them effortlessly integrate Docusign with their Salesforce.

nue.io - Canada

The main aim of NUE is to boost RevOps (Revenue Operations). Our developers ensured the flawless DocuSign integration with their Salesforce CRM.

Imprimis Rx - USA

Imprimis Rx offers quality medicines at reasonable prices. Our Developers provided them with the finest Salesforce Integration Services to incorporate Boomi!

Fullmind Learning - USA

With over 10 years of establishment, Fullmind ensures next-level education to one & all. Our team helped them flawlessly integrate Sdoc with their Salesforce.

Dnfcpro.com - USA

Dnfcpro is a top-rated management consulting firm offering top-level consulting for the modern day. We helped them integrate KIPU EMR into their salesforce.


Benefits of Salesforce CRM Integration

Enhanced Efficiency: Salesforce CRM integrations streamline processes, reducing manual tasks and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Unified Data Management: Integrating Salesforce CRM with other platforms ensures centralized data management, providing a single source of truth for customer information.

Improved Decision-Making: Access to integrated data allows for better insights and informed decision-making, leading to more strategic business actions.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrations enable a holistic view of customer interactions, facilitating personalized experiences and stronger relationships.

Increased Productivity: Automation and synchronization through integrations free up time for sales and service teams to focus on high-value activities, boosting productivity.

Seamless Communication: Integrations enable seamless communication between Salesforce CRM and other tools, fostering collaboration across departments and teams.

Scalability: Integrating Salesforce CRM with scalable solutions allows businesses to adapt and grow without compromising efficiency or data integrity.

Cost Savings: Integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce errors, leading to cost savings in time, resources, and potential revenue loss.


Salesforce Integration Services

Why Opt for our Salesforce Integration Services?

Opting for apt Salesforce integration services helps you create a more engaged customer and employee experience by providing a 360-degree view. It enables you to bring two distinct systems together to build a unified productive view of your customers. Opt for our Salesforce API Integration Services to incorporate your org with other enterprise systems like accounting, marketing, and customer service platforms, and other external systems such as social media, e-commerce, and email marketing. This fosters hassle-free communication which helps you ensure a comprehensive business view.

Atocloud is a well-reputed Salesforce API Integration services provider Company in India & USA with over 10+ years of expertise and aids your business with the following features-

  • Solve complex business logic to provide you with more reliable solutions
  • Provides you with single authentication across all the tools via O-Auth
  • Helps you bridge the gap between front end team (sales, service, and marketing) with back the end team (finance and administration)
  • Make your business processes self-operational

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Frequently Asked

People usually have these questions in mind. If you have any other which we didn’t cover, feel free to contact us & ask.

Salesforce API Integration Service facilitates you to effortlessly incorporate third-party applications and systems with your Salesforce. This lets you streamline workflows and improve overall productivity.

At Atocloud, our expert team offers Salesforce integration services to seamlessly connect your Salesforce with third-party applications like Google Sheets, WordPress, Shopify, PHP, Zuora, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Salesforce integration offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions while collecting data from different touchpoints. This empowers enterprises to furnish personalized & timely services which ultimately improves customer experience.

Data inconsistency, security issues, compatibility concerns, and inadequate user experience are some common challenges concerned with Salesforce integration. However, choosing the right Salesforce Integration Partners can help you effortlessly combat these difficulties.