How to Streamline Your Salesforce Pardot Process?

Have you recently deployed Pardot? But still can feel the hurdle between marketers and the sales team. You may be stepping towards the Pardot implementation failure. We would like to notify you that the fourth industrial revolution has changed the lives of manufacturers in many ways. 

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a fusion of AI, IoT( Internet of Things), robotics, quantum computing, 3D printing, genetic engineering, and other technologies. And all this for a better user experience. 

And if you’re using this advanced tool like in the old days, it’s common to miss both the advantages and the mark.  It’s always better to opt for Salesforce Pardot Implementation Services when you’re not able to achieve your desired results.

But to make it fixed, here we are sharing the fruitful four reasons. 

Top 4 Reasons for Failed Pardot Implementation & Tips to Resolve Them

  • Puzzling Process:

    Same as manufacturing, Salesforce Pardot also goes with well-defined processes. Whether you’re creating content or running a campaign, an explained process is vital for a smooth run.

    For a coherent process, you should walk in customers ' shoes and make a blueprint of the entire process. In such scenarios, one should automate customers' life cycle just after they engage with your website. However, the process differs for various industries, and so does the implementation.

    From making the target list, the process followed the executing campaign and led to many more others. Also, website activity/email measures the segment-based activity, lead score, and route qualified leads to CRM.

  • No integration:

    To run a campaign effectively on all channels, you must play the integration part wisely. That’s how you can unleash the full potential of automating Salesforce Pardot via integrating it with multiple apps like-

    • Google Analytics,
    • LinkedIn,
    • Salesforce,
    • WordPress, and
    • Twitter
  • Not explained ownership

    To determine the project scope, you must ensure the activities. In the end, ownership is one of the critical parts of Pardot implementation. It should follow the practice order and start with defining scope, formulating responsibility, and adding activity sequences.

    It will help your team to define the process so they know what activity should be done. At last, it will accomplish your objectives and the sequence of your performance

  • Skill Gap:

    Those who get affected by the organization such as the IT team, Sales, Marketing, etc, are those who feel it is challenging. In such a case, ensuring the communication and designing strategy at each stage can minimize resistance and turn it into a win-win situation.

    A Salesforce expert once said, “Many companies invest in expensive tools but still keep using their old ones because they ignore investing in user training.”

    So it's important that after launching Pardot, ensure they also invest in post-launch employee training.

  • Regular touch-up:

    Pardot required maintenance. Every time Pardot has a new release (6 times a year), you have to implement them and grow the platform. In this marketing platform, you have to build & nurture a program, customer journey, retention journey, and the list goes on.

    As soon as your business grows, it utilizes the power of Pardot and makes you realize a regular touch-up.

Last Verdict

Pardot is the power-packed Salesforce tools that bring marketing and sales together. However, without performing proper Salesforce Pardot Implementation making the most out of it is something manufacturers miss often. If the entire process is performed by Well-trained Salesforce Experts, it can get you a bonus point.

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