Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Statist worldwide marking survey reports- “Almost 4 billion world population is digitally active, and 2.14 of them are shopping online.” In this entire scenario, having a result-oriented marketing strategy is the need of the hour. However, if you don’t have any, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help. As a leading Salesforce Development Company, we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to amplify your business marketing.

We’re in the middle of Industry 4.0, and working with many new-age technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) etc. In such, the best compatible and correct data signals are crucial to ignore disconnected data sources.  
Nowadays, customer engagement is not only about marketing, but it's beyond that. It's a complete journey of marketing, sales, commerce and service. To know how Salesforce marketing cloud is benefited, you need to know what it is all about. 

Explaining Salesforce marketing cloud?

Marketing cloud built on the number one CRM platform, which helps users to know how to engage customers in the entire journey. It is the only platform to integrate customer engagement with personalization on every channel. It helps in all from email to mobile, social, email and digital ads. 
Highlighted points:

  • Gain unified customer views from all known and unknown profiles.
  • Make every interaction relevant via Leverage data and Einstein artificial intelligence.
  • Create two-way, real-time engagement according to customers.
  • Size, optimize and report marketing performance ultimately impacts customer loyalty.

What do you have with Salesforce marketing cloud?

Salesforce includes an array of products in this cloud to rock the marketing field, here they are:

The products- 

  1. Journey builder- Deliver cross channel personalised experience and help to manage campaigns.  
  2. Datorama- Unify data sources, visualize AI-powered insights, and create actionable reports to drive ROI.
  3. Google analytics 360- It helps to gain insights on a smooth customer journey.  
  4. Data studio- Enlarge your reach with a data-sharing platform to share 2nd party data for publishers.
  5. Audience studio- Capture, unify, segment and activate audiences data, and create a valuable audience experience. 
  6. Email studio- To build smarter email, it uses data from every department such as basic marketing campaigns and sophisticated messages.
  7. Interaction studio- Do real-time interaction management, delivers valuable engagement via visualising, tracking and managing customers.
  8. Advertising studio- Securely power one-to-one add across Facebook, Google, Display, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter via CRM.
  9. Mobile studio- Send chat app messages, push and reliable SMS in real-time.
  10. Social studio- To create customer advocates, it performs all from listing to publishing and engaging customers. It also connects social to sales, marketing and services in AI platforms. 

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6 mind-blowing new marketing cloud releases- 

  1. Path optimizer- It makes the marketing process easy as of now, you can test customers' journey path. With path optimizer, you can also run multiple journey paths and choose the winning one via engagement levels and any other criteria. 
  2. Datorama connector for Pardot- It uses Datorama analytics, visualization and reporting tools to provide a complete view of leads. It makes you better analyze the campaign. The feature enhances the Datorama and Pardot connection via new data for lead generation or email campaigns.   
  3. Datorama integration with tableau- With visualization in Tableau, now users can bring their marketing cross-channel data to life, as it helps to optimize marketing budget and activity.   
  4. Marketing cloud Einstein overview dashboard- The new dashboard brings all Einstein features in one place. It accesses all Einstein reports and visualizations to get a full picture of how customers are engaging with your campaigns.
  5. Single send journey enhancement- It supports the single push notification, from which you can send single messages such as promotions and app alerts. What you have to do is just access the Journey Builder, create a “New Journey” and select “Single Send” and “Push”.   
  6. Distributed marketing enhancement- Now you can send and find content more efficiently. Using these features, users can schedule a quick send message and also no need to wake up early just to hit send. With its meaningful and customizable marketing category in new content marketplaces, users can quickly find what they are looking for, as it has much better visualisation and structure. 

Final Verdict! 

From unifying and managing customers data, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is serving the best for personalized content and offers with AI. It also can be engaged with every channel and measure the results. In the upper given insight, we try to unfold the out-of-the-box benefits of it. 

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