SMS Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce has become one of the most preferred CRM software available today. Major businesses count on it to effectively handle day-to-day operations such as Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, Customer Service, and Platform Development applications. It is widely popular for providing businesses with Customer-centric automation such as e-mails, SMS etc.

Although email automation is an effective tool for targeting audiences, it requires decent creativity and stand-out factors due to plenty of competitors. Looking for another approach? Short Messaging Services or SMS are making a comeback, and this time much more significantly in the business world. SMS integration is a powerful technique that businesses can use to promote their services or products.

Types of Salesforce SMS Integrations

There are two common types of Salesforce SMS integrations: 3rd Party Integration and Native Integration. Let us go through these integrations and understand the difference between them:

  • 3rd Party Integration: A 3rd party Salesforce SMS integration consists of third-party software to act as a bridge from a text messaging platform to Salesforce. It’s easier to implement which has led to its popularity among developers. However, additional vendor costs and potential message delays could leave a negative impact on the experience. This will cause the business to lose a sale or customer. Further, with the increasing volume of inbound and outbound messages, you will notice a drastic increase in the additional costs.
  • Native Integration: A native Salesforce SMS integration connects directly to the CRM and lets you send texts through Salesforce. Such direct integration provides your business with many benefits. It reduces the potential risk of data breaches and allows you to send messages quicker. Moreover, as there is no third-party vendor involved, native integration offers you more security and reliability. The additional costs are also minimised due to the absence of a third-party vendor.

Benefits of Integrating SMS into Salesforce

Let us now discuss the various benefits of Integrating SMS with Salesforce:

  • Personalised Communication: The key to successful retaining and attracting new customers is the personalisation of texts. You can persuade a prospect to buy a particular product or remind the existing customers to make a purchase. SMS integration is useful for the sales & marketing team as it helps them to create specific lists based on customer preferences and lets them send more personalised texts. You can expect significant growth in response rates if you send the right message at the right time and enhance the chances of making a sale.
  • Multichannel Communication: To get the best out of your business marketing techniques, you need to be available on whatever channel your customers choose. Multichannel communication helps your business to be anywhere, anytime, on the customer’s choice of channel. It doesn’t matter whether your users prefer communicating over the phone, email, website chat, social media or text message, you need to ensure that your business maintains a great presence on each one of these channels.
  • Process Efficiency: Salesforce is a well-known platform for managing customer relationships efficiently. Enabling SMS communication inside Salesforce with native automation results in raising overall process efficiency. To clarify, Salesforce SMS integration automatically sends a text message to any potential customer who ignored your last two promotional emails.

Salesforce provides you with additional benefits after integrating it with SMS. However, you must ensure that your text messaging provider offers both a native integration with Salesforce and an enterprise-grade platform. It assures that your customers are targeted on time to purchase a particular product.

We hope that this guide helped you understand everything that concerns SMS Integration with Salesforce. If you are still facing problems with Salesforce Integration, feel free to contact us. We at Atocloud offer the best Salesforce development services and our technical team uses the latest technology to provide a rapid solution.