Adapt to new marketing norms & technology with Salesforce Pardot

In present conditions & emerging technologies, do you also find your business situations out of the syllabus of the marketing book? Adapting your marketing to new norms could be hard, especially when your business serves something opposite of these standstill conditions. So how do you find a solution? Well, thankfully, Pardot is here to escape.

Let’s know how Pardot can help? 

How can Pardot help in adopting new norms? 

Pardot is marketing automation which is a software platform and can automate your sales and marketing engagement. It helps you to generate more leads, deals and calculate marketing success.

Here are some more highlighted benefits of Pardot (The marketing automation):

  • Automate marketing processes 
  • Personalised customer experiences (Sales, Marketing and Service)
  • Tracking of customer engagement  
  • CRM connectivity & customer data tracking 
  • Automates web, social, sales & email engagements
  • Customer engagement in sync

These technologies help companies to understand exactly what their customers are looking for. 

Pardot helps B2B companies to engage and reach prospects such as

  • Email marketing 
  • Digital advertising 
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing pages and forms  
  • Lead enrichment and inbound marketing 

Now let’s know the key benefits you can make from Pardot:

Benefits of Implementing Pardot-

Pardot helps both marketing and sales teams to nurture leads and maximise ROI and more. Salesforce Pardot differs from others; here is why?

  • Built on World’s #1 CRM known as Salesforce
  • Marketing analytics, to analyse and organise your data across marketing and sales that helps to make data-driven decisions 
  • You can generate more leads and shoot through the sales pipeline
  • Customer personalised campaigns engage more buyers  
  • Marketing journey understanding, including true marketing ROI from click to close deals   

How can Pardot help you in targeted marketing?

1) Boost conversion rate- While dealing with the lack of conversion, Pardot allows organisations to enrich the prospects from multiple channels. Where it takes too many calls just to make one sale, Pardot improves the conversion average by nurturing leads. Ultimately, sales prospects make more sales on fewer calls. It all takes place because of the marketing buzz, where reps don’t have to invest efforts to convince buyers to take a demo of a product or service.

2) Marketing ease- Pardot the marketing automation, as the name suggests; automates many marketing processes that save lots of time for the marketing team. Here is the marketing ease serve by Pardot:

  • Tacking customer visits sets the real-time alerts
  • Identification of quality leads with help of grading and scoring 
  • Easily manageable plan, execute, and lunch email marketing 
  • Marketers can make landing pages on owns jack
  • Efficient ROI (Return On Investment) and reporting 
  • Painless engagement studio flow 

3) Customer engagement- The marketing tool engages customers by helping in delivering a personalised customer experience. It personalised communication on a wide variety of channels. Here are the marketing fields that positivity affects from Pardot. 

  • Email marketing- By personalising emails and messaging 
  • Social media- By creating a consistent device experience 
  • Mobile marketing- By tracking and boosting engagement  
  • Reporting & analytics- By results measuring and optimising engagement  
  • Website visitor tracking- By personalizing buying journey at the early stage

4) Better sales & marketing alignments- Pardot blurs the line between sales and marketing and makes alignment easy. It uses marketing automation with CRM and serves several combined benefits such as same data and tools access. This is how the sales team can re-engage the cold leads with the picture-perfect and trustable data of marketing. 

Final thought!  

After knowing the vast marketing charms of Pardot, now you know how not to feel left out in this advanced era of marketing. Don’t delay getting your marketing syllabus done; Integrate Salesforce Pardot and enjoy the benefits from today. 

You can contact Atocloud for more information on Pardot integration or get it done.