Salesforce Integration with Business Apps

Are you aware that you can integrate into the Salesforce platform and list on the AppExchange even if lacking native building on App Cloud? The AppExchange has an increasing count of partner solutions developed on a plethora of platforms including Azure, Openshift, AWS and others. There are numerous benefits of integrating your app with Salesforce and become a member of the AppExchange.

We take a look at the benefits and reasons to do so:

  • Develop relationships as well as grow business together- The AppExchange is a network of partners who work as well as interact with each other. The facility exists to network with partners who are veteran AppExchange members to acquire best practices and ramp up your business. Several of our partners also harness other partner solutions integrated with their own product to boost functionality as well as solve problems.
  • Use Salesforce's customer base to increase exposure for your product - Salesforce's existing customer base is growing at a fast clip having more than 150,000 customers presently. The AppExchange is the main place these clients go to get apps to extend their respective CRM. As the leading business application marketplace clients are aware that if your company is listed on the AppExchange then you are an approved partner and have cleared security review.
  • Effective Training - Customer care, sales personnel and miscellaneous entities can instantly invite clients to live or recorded online training sessions.
  • Additional data- Sales demos, Webinars as well as training events output a vast amount of information- these includes polling responses, registration, participation and more.
  • Client stickiness - Integration an Salesforce app to third-party entities such as Salesforce ramps up functionality for respective clients and inherently boosts their stickiness. The more the connection with tools used daily for instances Salesforce the more vital you are to their day-to-day operations.
  • Opportunity to market through the ubiquitous AppExchange- Don't worry if your app is not built on the Salesforce App Cloud. There is the opportunity to gain from the ecosystem where the revenue measure is estimated to be at least thrice that of Salesforce itself. A staggering 83% of Salesforce clients presently utilize minimum one partner app with more than 4 million installs currently at a rapid rate of 1 install per minute.

The Salesforce AppExchange development is completely about integration. It consists of apps running into thousands. The apps let a third-party application that is being already used to share information with It is a fact that while it takes some amount of effort to have apps installed and operating you get significant as well as substantial value. Businesses who aren't integrating apps with are probably missing key metrics, using old or inaccurate information or subject to a delay in terms of post-event follow up. is a great place for salesforce Integration with third party for your business’s benefit.