Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Numerous surveys reveal many customers are ready to shell out more money for a superior and relatively more seamless customer experience. Salesforce Lightning provides just that. Here companies can find novel ways for connecting with clients. The technology helps reveal valuable insights regarding your customer engagement.

Lightning Experience is the fresh, modern user experience as well as interface offered to Salesforce users. It is a completely novel manner of interacting with your respective organization. Lightning Experience is packed with revolutionary tools that ramp up your organization's productivity. It's a swift and attractive user experience that enable sales reps to bag more contracts. However, we consider opting for a salesforce lightning development company for such tasks. 

In short, Salesforce Lightning is a modern UI that offers

  • Smooth transition between desktop and mobile environments
  • Fresh features
  • Ramped up productivity
  • Accelerated deployments

We take a look at the major benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Designed with the objective of user-friendliness

The interface is contemporary and intelligent. The former gives a consistent experience no matter what type of device is used. Compared to the classic layout the user interface is more dynamic as well as offers more flexibility. The toggle time between screens has been brought down significantly. Consequently, members of the team become more efficient in the work and less number of clicks are required to get to the revenue stage.

Drag and Drop facility

Every opportunity can be shifted between stages using drag and drop. Whenever this happens the sales forecast is changed without manual intervention. The sales reps find it simpler to comprehend the stage of every opportunity. Also, they have a superior comprehension of respective target metrics.

Device recognition as well as cross-browser compatibility

Apps employ responsive design and dish out a delightful user experience. HTML5, CSS3 as well as touch events are solidly supported by the Lightning Component framework.

Event-driven model

Employs an event-driven model for improved decoupling between components. There is the facility for all components to subscribe either to an application event or alternatively to a component event.

More columns to dashboards

Earlier dashboards had only 3 columns. Now on offer is a dashboard having 4 columns.

Make certain tasks a breeze for Administrators

Administrators can employ the Lightning Framework to fashion apps quickly and at reduced expense by just clicks. No coding is required. This is great for folks inexperienced in or lacking knowledge of coding.

Accelerated app building

Harnessing Lightning Components it is possible to develop an app in minimum time without coding. The components are particularly effective in significantly boosting Salesforce performance.

Views are more intelligent

Out-of-the-box views incorporate smarter analytics. There is data of the relevant views most often accessed by every user. Information is showcased relatively more dynamically and organized.

It is recommended to undergo the necessary training to master and use Salesforce Lightning as well as reap its many benefits. If you still face any issues, you may contact us. We at AtoCloud offer the best salesforce development services in India and our team of Salesforce experts is always ready to help you out.