Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration with Facebook

Salesforce marketing cloud is a CRM that enables businesses to develop as well as manage marketing relationships and campaigns with clients. Facebook is a leading and free social networking platform. We take a look at the benefits when Salesforce marketing cloud is integrated with Facebook.

Leverage huge amounts of data

Facebook contains a lot of data about lots of prospective customers. By Salesforce integrating with Facebook, you get more information about clients. This data can be leveraged to have better designed and more targeted marketing campaigns. To protect the privacy of Facebook users they are asked for permission to share their data.

Customer Centric approach

The sate-of-the-art technology is employed to aid business owners to ramp up their revenue by concentrating on their customer's requirements as well as preferences.

Relationship Building

You can acquire additional customers as well as engage them developing strong relationships between your business and existing customers as well as prospects.

Monitor your results and enhance your business

Each marketing activity can be monitored as well as analysed to discover what is effective and what is not effective.

Tailored and unique journeys

Business owners are empowered with being able to differentiate the client's journey by dispatching the most relevant message to every one of them. Thus, you are able to ramp up conversions as well as sales.

Marketing automation based on user's behaviours

You are able to know the client's behaviours as well as preferences leveraging their response to your marketing campaigns.

More potent email marketing campaigns

You are able to automate and customize each aspect of email marketing rather than dispatching standard emails.

Other benefits

The integration makes it possible for businesses to have real-time communication with prospects. You get the ability to generate a vast number of, immediate and high quality of leads from Facebook. You can anticipate the client's behaviour and offer customized deals that have high chances of conversion. Business owners don’t have to switch between Facebook and Salesforce when the two are integrated. Marketers can access data from both platforms. Data doesn’t have to be manually entered or changed when updates happen. The entire marketing process is automated leading to an efficient and seamless marketing campaign which boosts business leading to increased revenue and profits.