Salesforce Customer 360

360 customer view is a collection of customer data in one place. For this, you need to access a collection of multiple channels and platforms in one place as well. That is how you can create a seamless customer experience and grow your business. In sum, you need Salesforce customer 360.

If you are here to know how it can help to serve you better customer experience? Stay tuned with Atocloud and keep reading this guide to move your business forward.

Introducing Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce customer 360 is a tool that allows businesses to connect Salesforce apps for sales, commerce, IT, marketing, service and analytics. The tool helps to collect everything from basic customer contact info to past & present purchasing data and social media behaviour.

The industry leader in Salesforce CRM, designs software to streamline business, and Customer 360 is one of them. The platform helps businesses to connect with a customer by using data. It promotes cohesive internal operations, builds a universal customer ID and profile that uses across external and Salesforce apps.

Here are some highlighted benefits of Salesforce Customer 360:

  • Embrace digital transformation with personalized customer experience
  • Automate repetitive tasks that save team's time
  • Intelligent recommendation and Einstein AI eases the process
  • Real-time data monitoring with Tableau
  • Secure data integration with MuleSoft.

The aforementioned is the only scratch of what Salesforce customer 360 serves to its user. Here are some more, explore.

How does Salesforce Customer 360 help businesses?

Salesforce has combined the big products to its existing solution for building Customer 360. The ideology behind 360 is simple. They use a single source of truth to collect customer data, known as Customer 360 Truth.

The platform has three major components named:

  • Identity
  • Privacy centre
  • CDP

Let's know further how they help businesses in serving better customer experience.

  1. IdentityFor creating a single universal identity for customers, partners and employees, the platform enable organizations to manage applications, data sharing and user security. The component offers transparency and a simple process for managing users, apps and data sharing. Here are the offerings:
    • Better sign-in and sign-up experience
    • Build a single view of customer
    • Deliver a consistent brand
    • Authenticate users across all your apps, services and brands
    • Minimal friction identity services at a scale with customer identity plus
  2. Privacy centreThis component of Customer 360 safeguards customer data. As once in a while, every customer feels if their data is not private, and used which makes them can feel distrust. But powerful data protection of the Customer 360 privacy centre enables customers to control and visualize their data. Here are the offerings:
    • Comply with privacy requirements with a single click
    • Define and execute policies at scale
    • Cleanses your org of unused data
    • Earn customers' trust by protecting sensitive data
    • Use data analytics and offer transparency in the system
  3. Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform)The truth data manager is a powerful data management tool that restores all data across channels such as clouds, Orgs and third-party systems. Apart from this, it is also a reliable asset for support and sales teams by enabling customer identification and personalized data surfaced ability. Here are some more offerings:
    • Unify data from anywhere
    • Adjustable marketing efforts with AI and audience segmentation
    • Build smarter order segmentation with an easy drag-and-drop platform


The powerful Salesforce platform Customer 360 offers far more than just a 360-degree view of customers. The platform provides functionalities of Einstein AI, Tableau, MuleSoft and more. Its components cover the circle part of sales, marketing and other aspects that play an important role in business growth and CRM. For more, we would love to assist you with all Salesforce development services.