Create new possibilities by integrating data from any system faster

In the way of managing gigantic amounts of customer data, including demographics, interactions, email campaigns, preferences, purchase histories, touchpoints and much more, companies go through a full-packed busy week & weekends. How would you get the time to create alternative possibilities for your business? Well, what if you have a solution for faster Integration & unlock data from any system? Yes, Salesforce has gained a solution for you, called the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

Before taking you in the way of introducing MuleSoft, we let you know even why data integration is so important?

Introducing the Importance of data integration-

A CRM platform is a collection of your company’s software and hardware from where they collect all the data. According to one report of MuleSoft, “Even an average organisation has a vast collection of 900 applications.” In which they have on-premises hardware and software, cloud apps and legacy infrastructure.  

But when you do Salesforce CRM integration, the data can flow from, to, or between them. And you get an accurate form of data.  

Apart from CRM, Customer Data Integration(CDI) collects all customer data from disparate systems( various departments of business). It makes it easy to access while assembling it in a single location (Single source of truth).   

What is the MuleSoft Platform?

The most widely used integration platform, MuleSoft, connects SaaS and enterprise apps in the cloud & on-premise. Back in 2018, Salesforce earned the platform to amplify digital transformation. Now the platform not only can unlock the data across the legacy system(devices & cloud apps) but help to make faster & smarter decisions.

While serving the high connectivity experience with end-users, it creates new opportunities for businesses.  

Components of Anypoint platform-

  • Anypoint design centre
  • Anypoint management centre
  • Anypoint exchange
  • Mule
  • Runtime services   

How is MuleSoft connected to Salesforce?

MuleSoft is part of the Salesforce integration cloud and serves seamless integration. As the name stands, The Anypoint platform connects any app, data or device. It offers many more other advantages too, here they are:

  • Accurate single marketplace for APIs and integration assets.
  • Build & design APIs and integrate them at lighting speed.
  • Efficient deployment to any cloud & on-premises with a single runtime.
  • Real-time visibility and faster troubleshooting using one interface.
  • Data protection from threats with few simple steps.

How do MuleSoft and Salesforce together integrate data faster?

MuleSoft empowers Salesforce admins to view 360-degree with no code solution for unlocking data faster. Collectively MuleSoft and Salesforce serve an effortless solution to developers as it is pre-packed and ready to go. They don’t need to learn many programming interfaces. Also, companies can easily connect with sales, HR, Billing, CRM, Social media, analytics and marketing.    

This efficiency lets integrates data faster, which is significantly better than ever before, as it:  

  1. Faster digitisation by unifying data
  2. Integration and APIs that empower business  
  3. Connected scale experience creation

So it means Salesforce & MuleSoft offer companies the ability to develop a scalable integration framework after unlocking the data across the system and then create a different connected experience at a rapid pace. 

Sum it up!

With the rapid explosion of mobile, SaaS, cloud services, applications and APIs, businesses need a necessary change in their traditional way to communicate and collect data. In such a way, you don’t want to struggle between many applications, services, systems and databases. That’s why the powerful duo of Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

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