Salesforce Development

Making your Salesforce solution work isn't easy. Development activities can vary depending on what project are we working on. There might also be a possibility of data migration from legacy CRM instead of greenfield Salesforce implementation. Implementing a new system means starting from scratch. It includes automation with code, custom reports and dashboard creations, Salesforce app development or provision of third party integration that is using tools to build a customized platform.

What does a Salesforce Development Company do?

An apt Salesforce Development Company provides you with dedicated developers who possess a better understanding of how Salesforce works. The developers help you in performing custom operations as and when required. You can expect a substantial increase in efficiency after hiring suitable Salesforce developers as they are well-versed in Salesforce tools and features.

Hiring the Right Salesforce Partner for your Enterprise

To implement Salesforce successfully, you need to have a certified and well-experienced tech team to guide you throughout the process. Mentioned below are the steps to know how to hire the right Salesforce Support Partner for your organization-

1. Decide the Team Members - There are many roles but you majorly need these four roles to be filled- consultant, an architect, a developer, and an administrator. You might as well need a project manager, a business analyst and test engineers but make sure the former mentioned hold the right skills set.

2. Understanding Roles -

    • A Salesforce Consultant is the first person you'll encounter when you're looking for a Salesforce team for your project. A consultant will bridge the gap between business and technology. With the help of a Consultant's guidance, you can make the right choice for your organization.
    • A Salesforce Architect will design the model of Salesforce CRM and customize applications. He should have a good knowledge of all the Salesforce tools and ample amount of experience in integrating Salesforce with third parties via APIs.
    • A Salesforce Developer comes into action as soon as the technical requirements are specified. They work towards improving the existing platform using their technical skill set like HTML, JavaScript, Lightning Components and Visual force frameworks for front end development, Apex Code for back end development and Salesforce Object Query Language for data management to fulfill customers needs.
    • A Salesforce Administrator is the one behind tuning Salesforce CRM solution with point-and-click tools. Automating business workflows and approval processes, creating reports and dashboards, enabling email templates, introducing user roles and permission sets, and training users on Salesforce are some of the jobs that a Salesforce Administrator performs.

3. Check Certifications - Platform App Builder, Marketing Cloud Developer, Advanced Administrator System Architect, Heroku Architecture Designer are some of the certifications required to acknowledge a qualified team. These certifications will allow you to hire the right talent and skills for your company.

4. Check Soft Skills - Problem-solving skills and a creative brain helps to diversify approaches and provide the required solutions to respective projects. A good communicator and team player will also prove to be beneficial because these skills will fetch you more relevant solutions to your problems.

We at Atocloud, want to make sure that we provide our customers with hindrance free services and constant support to any of their problems. Our team of Salesforce Certified Developers help us keep our customers 100% satisfied. Their knowledge and experience help us building or customizing the right Salesforce systems for our clients so that the functioning of their organization remains smooth and steady.