Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce is continuously growing and improving the way it performs since its incorporation. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a part of this ever-growing SaaS (service as a software) that finds its use in both B2B and B2C channels. In both sectors, the way you engage with your customers and their experience with you lays the foundation for the success of your business.

Commerce Cloud’s amazing features find their use in retail and corporate sectors that are switching to online operations. Many retail stores opt for both of the channels (online and brick & mortar). Let’s discuss how you can aim for a great customer experience while running your stores successfully.

1. Fruitful Campaigns

Campaigns are essential to transform prospects/leads into paying customers. A blunder many businesses do is use the same campaign for each of their prospects. Gone are those days as Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you run targeted campaigns with its campaign management feature.

The application groups the customers based on the interest they show, followed by the actions they take. The system helps you know which promotions are relevant to a group. This ensures that the customer receives offers on the product they are interested in, motivating them to buy.


2. Data-Driven Decisions

When retail businesses go online, they face several decisions. Eventually, they realise these decisions are never-ending and often choose their path based on a loosely constructed plan.

The Commerce Cloud equips you with data collected on users. You can base your core decisions on this data and improve your chances of success. This information can affect changes, like applying discounts on a specific product. Sales increase when you give the customers offers on their favourite products. You can also use Salesforce CRM to make customer-focused strategies that turn the tide for your business.


3. Curated Shopping

Years of research have gone into improving the customer experience. It is an ongoing process that can never attain perfection. Merging Commerce Cloud and other tools like Slack helps bridge the gap. The shopping journey of each consumer should feel unique. This software gives you the data needed to achieve your goals.

The products displayed on the front page should be the ones that the AI thinks customers would like. The key is to make the journey of browsing to buying as short as possible. That brings us to our next point, the ease of shopping. 


4. Ease to Shop

You will see high customer return rates if shopping with you was rewarding to them. Things like this boost customer engagement.

You can use the inventory management feature of the commerce cloud in more ways than you initially thought. Using this, you can always keep a track of your inventory. This helps avoid the unpleasant experience of displaying an ‘Out of Stock’ prompt to a customer who was excited to purchase from you. If you find all this confusing, you can hire a Salesforce app development team to help you out.


5. A Complete Experience

The Salesforce integration makes it possible for a flawless and complete shopping experience. Most people think that their work is done as soon as they receive an order. However, giving a complete experience means going beyond that.

This software gives access to the entire journey of the customer with you. If they have any problems or wish to return a product, your executive can access all their data in one place. This collaborative approach tears down the traditional barriers, making way for a swift response. The customer appreciates not having to contact multiple times to have a simple issue solved.



Salesforce recently announced the new B2B2C for commerce cloud, which has further boosted what this software can do for your business. Apart from this, Salesforce has Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, etc.

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