Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) was started with the idea of solving problems of human’s and then led to delivering the actual results. Digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa where’s one side making our lives easier, some experts doubt it’s superiority over human performance. Hence there is a constant debate over the security of employing AI machines, some of them said that we have not reached that top, where one can say AI is a threat. And if we talk about salesforce, we have started enjoying the positive impact of AI.

In this digital world, Artificial Intelligence has become a frontier and flourishing market continuously. The myriad small businesses and tech giants strive to obtain this technology in expanding their business growth. 

Impacted small business fields with AI- 

  • Online retail:

While shopping online, one thing that shoppers always demand can be fulfilled with the help of AI- “The Personalized Recommendation”. AI will work with all data history of that particular customer such as frequently bought products and shopping history. And will serve the bundle of discount, right on the product page, accordingly.      

With past customer experience, it will show only the items that customers might be interested in. It will also produce valuable insight for your merchandisers, so they may know which products customers commonly buy together, so you can get an idea about how and what you have to sell. AI will help you to cater your site with particular products for what customers are looking for. It will give them pleasing personalized service and boost your sales, and ultimately AI will help you to meet your business needs.    

  • Marketing

Do you ever get emails like “we are missing you” or “come back”, so it's nothing but a work of artificial intelligence in email marketing? It works as it influences your customers that haven't reached your website from long. Email marketing is one of the fields with the highest ROI (Return On Investment), so if you are thinking of using email marketing, also should use AI in it. 

If you are wondering how AI can help in email marketing? Then you might know that marketing is an effective tactic to get through your customers' data, in which AI plays a crucial role. In the case of email marketing, it can predict the answers of some highly asked questions such as- Will your customer open your mail? Will they act on it or unsubscribe you? What would be the right time to mail them? So you can better know whom and when you should send the mail to or not.  

  • Sales Productivity

AI can help to predict the best possible sales opportunities by using customer data. AE (Account executive) spends their time interacting with customers in the place of entering data into a CRM. AI simplify their work by email exchanges and also automatically update the CRM. It will also recommend the additional products to AE for similar customers through buying patterns. And not AE, sales managers also can get benefited by AI, as they can review if the expected revenue is matching with predicted revenue or not. 
Customer service

AI can save the time, effort, and money of a company to classify emails which end up sending them to the right person. Imagine the condition where a new customer-care person is having a conversation on several issues. While he notes the issues, AI scans it and gets all related articles dealing with that same situation in real-time. It means an agent can provide highly supportive customer service, even in the starting days of his job. 

They can also help a person who likes to write the problem instead of talking about it, as a chatbot agent can help you so efficiently by chatting with that particular person.  

AI Impacted fields and their benefits-  

AI is everywhere! The impact of artificial intelligence we have on our life is hard to ignore. Transportation, manufacturing, media, healthcare, education, and customer services are some of the fields, which are improving day-by-day with AI.  

The highlighted benefits of AI-  

  • It reduces the time spent on tasks
  • It is more accurate
  • It increases responsiveness and flexibility
  • It reduces risks 
  • It reduces cost

The ways artificial intelligence can help small businesses- 

  • Improve sales and marketing with the influence on CRM: 

CRM was designed to gather customers' data in various ways, such as emails, phones, and social media. The purpose behind it is to automate the sales process, which becomes highly workable for platforms like salesforce. AI helps them in the collection of the information and feedback from these channels to then adjust marketing with lead generation activities, which can be a milestone for small businesses. 

  • Automate customer communication: 

Whether product-based or service-based, both of the small businesses are including chatbots in their websites, to shoot up their communication with customers. You can imagine a chatbot 24/7 available for your customers even if you are napping. 

As a startup, it's not always possible to build up well-prepared customer service, but in the case of chatbots, it can help so efficiently, that you can’t even imagine. Now you can focus on the tasks that matter the most to you.  

  • Streamline human resources tasks: 

To get a real improving impact on the bottom line of any company, AI not only can work on the onboarding process but also obtain feedback from new employees. AI can help companies or HR to choose those who closely match the criteria they are searching for.  

This will one side save time and resources, and another side helps you to find the perfect candidate. After having candidates on board, the furnished software with knowledge base questions helps both the employees and the company. It simplifies the hiring process and saves HR time at the back end by cutting down the process of answering new employee questions.        

  • Acquire competitive intelligence: 

To collect every bit of information your competitors produce, whether written or video content to social media posts, AI can do that for you. The tools will convert all data in an easy report on everything your competitor does online through artificial intelligence. These tools track and gather all variety of data such as pricing changes and marketing language, and all this, just with a slight adjustment. This AI competitive intelligence will provide information faster, so you can respond efficiently.   

All in all, it can be seen that the future is already here, and Artificial Intelligence is the most promising part of it. It is affecting each important field near us, and in the case of Salesforce, it seems quite impressive. It is not the only spoonful for big brands but also for small businesses to understand and fulfil their customers’ needs. If you’re looking for the right Salesforce CRM Development Company or for any Salesforce services then contact us at contact@atocloud.com