Salesforce Ecommerce Solutions

Past few years have brought tremendous growth opportunities in the world of eCommerce as the industry has witnessed an increasing move towards cloud-based solutions. But before we could jump to the benefits, it’s important for a layman to understand what this term stands for. If we break it into two, the cloud, in technical terminology, is a virtual space that can be accessed by users around the world to host files. When combined with eCommerce, they together make for a process wherein the user can outsource a remote network of servers through the internet to process & store data, and use application services.

Traditionally, companies would use local servers for the purpose, incurring huge costs for maintenance. Cloud-based services, on the other hand, have completely revolutionized the process as it not only saves the maintenance cost but also reduces complexity. Thus, in today’s world, cloud-based eCommerce solutions turn out to be the most feasible and reliable option, necessary for sustainable growth. A recent joint report by ASSOCHAM-Forrester states that India’s eCommerce revenue is expected to boost up to $120 billion in 2020 from merely $30 million in 2016 (this means, almost 51% every year!). This rapid growth owes to the increased internet penetration and improved economic conditions.

How does cloud eCommerce work?

For instance, your eCommerce business is in the nascent stage. The key focus would be to enhance the brand position in the market, expand geographically, gain customer trust, introduce new products and test business models. That said, at this stage, the company would lack capital investment, market intelligence, skilled human resource and technology. All these issues can be solved by cloud-based eCommerce applications at a reasonable cost.

What are its benefits?

  1. Scale Adjustment: ECommerce is an industry which witnesses extremely variable traffic. The hardware capacity thus must conform to extreme situations like during New Year, Cyber Monday etc. That said, the traffic would not be as huge during the rest of year. Cloud turns out to be the best solution as it provides you the elasticity to meet with seasonal needs. It can be scaled down and up as and when required.
  2. Cost-Effective: Cloud-based solutions seem to be the best fit for eCommerce since its users have the option of paying for resources only when needed. It can save the company over 70% as there would be no cost incurred for creating scaled static environments for traffic peaks. These kinds of requirements are short-lived and with cloud you can enjoy the flexibility of paying as per current need.
  3. Easily Accessible: It can be accessed from anywhere and is beneficial for companies at multiple locations. It is reachable in the remotest locations and wherever the customer may be, the content can still deliver at the fastest possible speed.
  4. Pro Protection: It saves the tension of maintaining & monitoring your own server. It can be completely relied upon for security concerns like customer data safety, data encryption.


In the modern day & age that is dominated by dynamic, innovative & creative people aspiring to venture with their own business, cloud-based eCommerce stands firm to be the best resort as it provides flexibility both in terms of usage as well as cost. Atocloud being a Salesforce CRM Development company will guide you in the best way.