chatbots bring value to your Business

It would not be surprising if you have heard about the chatbots or maybe know pretty much about them, as they are well-liked nowadays. If not, then you surely chat with them on the chat window of every second website and admire them as chat professionals. But now the question is, why are we talking about them? Especially when it comes to online business, how do they become so urgent to us?

Well! You will get to the answers by the end of this article.

The enhancement of technology helps us to know more and more about chatbots and their importance. All thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), we are getting more reasons to focus on them. AI developing chatbots, which are smarter than ever and able to answer almost all queries. Now, as you remain with the question- how they can help you with your online business? It's time to unfold the facts and process.

What is a Chatbots

They are computing programs that interact with the help of text and audio. Artificial intelligence is their way to mimic human-like via using NLP (Natural Language Processing). They also use other techniques such as machine learning, deep learning etc. They can learn from users' interactions, and that's the reason they are becoming smarter over time.

In the case of eCommerce, they play a crucial role in interacting with customers when there is no one to welcome your visitors to your website, Facebook pages and other platforms. But if you are still thinking that the person you are chatting with in popup windows is human, then you might need to know more about chatbots.

How do chatbots work

The chatbots are programmed in two ways, by making them capable of specific commands and other than that powered by with AI. Both of the ways go-on with numerous conversions of real people. In the first case, you might have noticed that when you had some uncertain convo with a chatbot, it may either not respond, repeat the answer or provide a not so convincing answer.

But on the other side, the bots programmed by AI are much smarter, as they are programmed to process by languages and semantics. Even if you are not asking any definite questions, it can provide an answer, which is more natural and digestive in comparison to the first case. The voice assistance apps are great examples of it, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

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How can they add value to your business?

Chatbots have a lot of potential but they are still in a nascent stage. Organizations are yet to explore the full potential of chatbots. This may be because of limited UI data and high development pricing. But still, it can add a lot to eCommerce, where the availability of high traffic makes it a useful need.

Salesforce said in its report of “Entitled State of the Connected Customer” that, 58 % of customers say their expectations from a company have changed because of the chatbots and voice assistant technology. While 77 % say that it will surely transform their expectations for the company in the next 5 years. It proves that consumers started valuing chatbots, and know-how they are also a reason behind their valuable experiences. Another report of salesforce reported that 23% of companies using AI chatbots currently in 2019. Whether 31% are planning to use chatbots soon.

Here is the list of major advantages that make chatbots necessary for you. Scroll down, to read the marked points:

  1. Its convenience- the convenience that a messenger integrated chatbot can provide, is simply unbeatable. It is fast and easy to use at the same time, all that the customer has to do is use the very same messaging service that they use every day.
  2. Minimise manpower-  A chatbot can handle most of the basic queries that are asked by users. The best example of it is, the big brands like Pizza hut and Mastercards, who have dedicated bots working all day long. These bots answer all the queries from customers including taking orders, all this without dropping a sweat.
  3. Speed- They are extremely fast when it comes to providing replies. They cut the time that gets wasted between reporting the queries. Instead of that, chatbots are instantaneous and always accurate.
  4. Cost-friendly- In place of chatting manually, with customers, chatting with the help of bot, is undoubted, a much better deal in case of money.
  5. Improve customer service- It can be a priceless change in case of customer service. Chatbots give fast, accurate, and a better response to queries.

Help in capturing the lost customers- It can help you to improve your conversion rate. In case some customers left their items in a shopping cart or stuck in the middle of a customer journey, you can send them a reminder. Facebook messenger or any other chat app can help you to drive back to them.

In this fast-growing era of technology, chatbots are the high-tech medium between you and your customers. They are helping your business to manage relationships with customers, plus they are data collectors too. This data can help you to know your customers' mind better, such as- what they are liking or not. To know more about CRM (Customer relationship management) stay connected with us.