Salesforce CPQ Solutions

Pleasant customer experience conveys better possibilities to sales teams to close more deals faster. After all, each business survives first and then grow. And for this, they need customers: The loyal and satisfied one. And for that, Configuration, Price and Quote are utmost areas, every company must focus on. Therefore, Salesforce has developed a solution called CPQ.  

CPQ software or extension of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is responsible for the faster, easier and organized sales. It takes sales cycle data out of the spreadsheets and puts it into an automated sales tool that leads to error-free quotes. Ultimately, the salesperson gets benefits as they can choose the right product combinations, automates approvals and controls over discounts.   

But Salesforce CPQ? There are many other Salesforce CPQ solutions present out there. Well, it can keep your customers happy while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Interesting? Read on to find out more.

Why do you need Salesforce CPQ?

No matter we are in the digital era or what? Businesses are still striving to produce full, accurate and optimized pricings. One of the most usual reasons behind it is the following outdated manual systems. All this at the end of the day pushes them to inefficient pricing and bad customer experiences and much more that is enough to lose the loyalty battle.

This is where Salesforce CPQ comes into the spotlight.   

To understand why you should use it, let’s discuss its beneficial insights:

  • Rapid creation of quote and proposal
  • Boost deal size/ up-sell and cross-sell
  • Enhance sales teams’ productivity
  • Get rid of errors in contracts and pricing
  • Boost Up the sales team morale   

Why Should you invest in CPQ Software?

There is so much to look forward to when you choose Salesforce CPQ software as a tool, including:

  • Well made configuration capabilities- In case of selling, cross-selling or up-selling, business build groups of services or products. But sometimes they mix up the components, products and services as per customer requirement. So, in that case, Salesforce CPQ is a perfect match as a helping hand.
  • Ease of creating price books and discount tiers- As per businesses, products, services and bundles have various prices. And this difference goes for their discounts too. This entire process becomes more complex when you go through the price book, mark-ups and gross margins. For that reason, the Salesforce CPQ tool facilitates the discount and pricing scenario which calculates it for customer orders.   
  • Swift implementation- Salesforce CPQ was designed with Salesforce “objects” that native architects make it much faster and easier to maintain. Whether other CPQ solutions of the market slow down the process, it is designed to keep property goals in mind. So, ultimately, the flexibility of the Salesforce product makes it less costly and time-saving too.
  • Turbo quote building using templates- Customer quotes require templates, that should be supported by the CPQ software. This process demands the necessary components. And Salesforce has the complete range of templates that makes it easy to get quotes and serve customers fast. Also, CPQ saves the issue of informing customers as a particular product gets delivered, as there are both the Sales Cloud CRM and Salesforce CPQ.    
  • Automated contract performance- Sometimes, Quote executed and by using DocuSign or any other tool it could lead to a contract. However, because of that companies use proposals. And this process can also be automated by Salesforce CPQ.    

Challenges and Salesforce CPQ-

  1. Complex product- In the case of complex products, the process also becomes complex to present the best. While making smart and selling quotes for customers, we highly recommend you to implement CPQ first. It not only builds the validation and rules but educates & guides the users. The software, at last, helps you to make informed and smart decisions.
  2. Time spent Quote- Sales representatives spend hours and hours just to generate a work full quote rather than selling. However, some of them try to make it impactful by asserting the creation. Yeah! That’s another case that adds lead-time, errors, costs make it communication errors. Therefore, the ideal solution is to add CPQ software and make it easy, efficient and fast.  
  3. Missed sales opportunities- At the time of the sale cycle, there are opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. And the recommended and apt suggestions of Salesforce CPQ can save you by missing the opportunities.

Why Choose Atocloud For Salesforce CPQ Implementation?

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