Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

In this era of modern marketing love: Maintaining good customer relations needs much more. Especially in B2B, where purchases are heavy, so are the risks. Also, to make a sustainable customer relationship, you need more effort, time, sources and security.  

So, are you investing in these deeds to deepen the engagement with buyers? If Yes, that’s great!

But if your answer is no, let’s talk, how you can.

Well, in simple words our answer is- Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. Let’s explore below why we say so.

Introducing B2B Commerce Cloud-

They design Salesforce cloud to support complex B2B buying relations, where everything is in vast amounts, including payments, cart items, negotiation, specific pricing, etc. However, with the help of the cloud, B2B businesses get a whole new edge set of technology, so customers, sales reps & partners, don’t suffer from those old time-consuming processes.

The Salesforce solution offers a smooth multichannel relationship, an extraordinary buying experience, and makes life easy for sales reps with an integrative customer view. Ultimately, it enhances one to one buying experience and personalisation.     

However, the saddest truth is, businesses are using fed up technologies and expecting to get the growth.   

Features of B2B Commerce Cloud- From multiple convincible features, we have chosen the list of most crucial ones.

  • Enhance quick possibilities to online store for B2B business
  • Help to build more personalised products and store for each potential customer  
  • Optimised processes for numerous orders
  • Globalisation of online B2B business with multiple languages and currency capability
  • Responsive solution for all medium phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Rapid, efficient and simple processes save time for both parties.   

We know the B2B Commerce features are worth attracting, or you might think of implementing them. But before you take a further step, we want you to take a moment and read some points.

Points to consider before implementing B2B Commerce Cloud-

We don’t want you to just come read some lines and believe what we say but explore your business as well. The following list of questions is those that you should ask yourself before implementing this Salesforce Cloud.

  • Do you have a network of companies who could be interested to buy from you?
  • Are you looking for a rapid B2B online platform launch?
  • Do you think it will be great if you have a platform that can help you manage contracts together and price easily?
  • Are you looking for a solution that supports both cross and up-selling and increases your company's sales?

If the answer is yes? B2B Commerce cloud is needed.

What do you get with this quality Salesforce package?

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is a source of immense B2B problem-solving features here, some of them:

  • An integrated panel to manage accounts for every user.
  • Ability to replace previously placed complicated orders
  • Capability to manage a range of products for customers
  • Capability to add simple and variant products
  • Customize and personalize design for a potential customer
  • Personal price list for certain customer or segment   
  • Advanced order placing module, so customers can split delivery, change dates or lead to various addresses together
  • One place for order history
  • Various types of payment support including, pre-paid orders, credit/debit cards and on and on.

The list is long, and we try to add all possible. However, if your Salesforce requirements are distinct from these; we love to hear from you.


From Efficiently managing one or more storefront without the box functionality, the platform combines all aspects of eCommerce and presents it for merchants and developers. The CRM based capability of the cloud serves a 360° view to businesses.

So, in a nutshell, we could say that it is an outstanding solution for billing, purchasing, reporting and programming, which means solving the life of everyone.

Made a decision? Atocloud could help in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation, Integration and Optimization.