Salesforce Community Cloud

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Before jumping on to various Salesforce clouds, let's discuss what is Community Cloud. Salesforce Community Cloud came into being when developers were looking for a tool that could help them in keeping a track of their relationship with their customers.

A business firm handles multiple customers at a time. It becomes detrimental to keep a record of the customer queries, complaints, data, etc manually. Community Cloud is an automated tool that helps in maintaining a smooth flow of communication by sharing relevant information related to business as and when required.

Why is Salesforce Community Cloud important for your business?

  1. Communication made easy- Salesforce community cloud develops a trilogy between distributors, resellers, and suppliers. Connecting these three is crucial for any business to grow and develop. Community cloud helps in bringing together your business-related people at a common platform.
  2. Connection Management- Building connectivity between the consumer and producer promotes a healthy relationship between the two. It allows you to maintain a smooth flow of communication on a regular basis with your customers and keeps you updated with their records, data, queries, etc.
  3. Accelerate Sales- It's a proven booster for your business growth and sales because it removes all the communication barriers between the customer and the organization. There can be a noticeable difference in your sales numbers due to clear cut communication and bridging the gap between customer queries.
  4. Employee Productivity and Engagement- An employee's productivity can be improved if he has access to the right tools and the required knowledge. Community cloud of Salesforce helps to engage the employees of an organization in the righteous way, hence enhancing their performance.
  5. Social Connectivity- As the name suggests, the community cloud as a common platform to connect people under one roof. The sign-in is more personalized because it's connected to your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. It helps you to foster a more innovative platform where anyone, anywhere can contribute and collaborate collectively.

The actual uses of Community Cloud can vary primarily based on your business needs and necessities however, it absolutely makes the connections management easier without developing any high priced customers. The only way to limit its uses is through your imagination otherwise it can work wonders for you and your business organization. We offers you with its diversified services in the field of Salesforce. The Implementing Salesforce Community Cloud service by Atocloud is a quintessential solution for your business needs.