Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Do you devote most of your office time in handling calls, emails and video calls? And wishing if it could be a bit easier? Especially the calling part! Read about Salesforce Lightning Dialer and thank us later.

Calling is not the same as emails, as you have to manually handle it. To make it far more efficient, Salesforce came up with a Sales cloud outbound calling system to save your hours. After all, calling processes include so much on it such as information search, notes making, calls logging and convincing services etc.

Eager to know what Salesforce Lighting Dialer is and how exactly it works? After all, just some popping features are not enough to convince you or any.

Introducing Lightning Dialer- The Salesforce product is an outbound calling system that allows you to add inbound calling functionality. Means you can call customers and prospects directly from Salesforce, as well as receive calls from new leads.

Top of that, you can use it for any of your apps and let you call contacts by clicking their phone numbers in Salesforce. And all this via automatically logging your calls, taking notes and more.

Now it's time to move towards the features, let’s go.

Exploring Salesforce Lightning Dialer Features-

Salesforce Lightning Dialer helps customers to a large degree, check out how:        

  • Simple to set & use with just a few minutes
  • Increase sales engagement and connection rate via local area code
  • Save time with voicemail messages
  • Fields numbers in form of links, which is dialable with a single click
  • Directly can get a call after assign number
  • Special call panel to include call history, call list, keypad
  • Record calls
  • Dialling backlink button to call customers back
  • Auto-log checkbox to record all call details automatically

“Salesforce gains back hours of productivity by communicating more efficiently with prospects and customers. And logging details right from within Salesforce.”

Guaranteed you saw this line while searching for the Salesforce Lightning Dialer. And wondering: How will it fulfil?

Well, here's your answer!

How lt make Sales teams more productive and quick in crisis?

If it's easy-breezy to work, your sales team will work more efficiently, and increase productivity. Keep rolling to know-how.

Create a call list- It will create a call list of the day, and you can notice it easily via opening the call pane. While making the call, contact related info will appear automatically.

After finishing when you click “call next”, the first record will be removed from the list and next contact details appears just a click away.    

“It helps the sales team to pull together a list of calls of the day.”

Operational voicemail list- In voicemail setting, you can record voicemail greetings and a voicemail dropping section. Wondering how?

  • Can record messages to leave when you make a call and also get someone else's voicemail.
  • Can record separate voice-messages to leave various customers, offers or languages.

So for now, you don’t have to worry about leaving a voicemail, you can do it with just a click.  

Boost engagement with local presence- To increase the number of customers to pick calls, it's better that you call them with their local region code. Don’t believe us check out the following stats on customer surveys.  

According to one of the surveys, “ The number of picking call percentages increase 400% when they call with local code”.

Assist sales rep for call monitoring- While using Lightning Dialer when one of the sales reps make the call, the other one can hear it silently for notes, monitoring and suggestions. 

Likewise, sales managers can also track lightning dialer usages and get a complete list with insightful dashboard just through a click.

In a nutshell!

The Salesforce Lightning Dialer is a deadly combination of modern telephonic features. It cut off the years of troubling phone calls and efforts of engaging customers.

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