How Salesforce Lightning Increases Productivity

Lightning consists of the Lightning Component Framework along with certain useful tools from the developer's perspective. The former makes the process of building responsive applications a breeze. It offers many capabilities non-existent in Salesforce Classic. For instance, the former's real-time dashboards are in a league of their own. Compared to Salesforce Classic the dashboards appear crisper as well as aesthetically more appealing.

Salesforce Lightning Experience adds value to visual tools where the objective is to develop a visual depiction of numeric/metrical values. Lightning dashboards have the facility to create up to 9 columns in a layout compared to just 3 in Salesforce Classic. It is such capabilities that empower users with more flexibility in the way relevant data is organized and presented to the audience.

A major feature of Lightning is the facility offered to users to use the Einstein-powered Search function. Global search parameters link to the enterprise index helping a user to locate what he/she wants whenever he/she wants to. Possessing the capacity to search our database to discover a piece of data a user requires to reference is a useful as well as a valuable tool to have. The latter saves time and effort of the employee to find the data he/she needs to locate.

As compared to Salesforce Classic Lightning offers to use the facility to switch between apps faster as well as more straightforward. The App Launcher placed at the screen's upper left-hand corner may be clicked by users to navigate within the tool with ease. The former lets users key in any search word to locate a particular thing they want. This saves the user's resources in terms of time as well as effort. The user can access the AppExchange with ease from the App Builder the repository of over 400 Lightning-compatible and immediately downloadable applications for the utilization by users.

Lightning's usefulness is empowering the users with faster access to the stuff they require to be more productive. On the Global Quick Actions section, users can craft quick actions such as logging calls, recording notes, and more. Lighting makes the procedure of finishing productivity tasks easier as it orients the page to make it simpler to locate the actions user desire to perform.

Lightning Experience is an upgrade from Sales Classic as it has boosted productivity from the perspective of the individual user. The former provides the user’s tools to have a comfortable as well as convenient experience. Lightning reduces the time required to search for stuff and places those things in easily accessible locations for users to utilize at the time of requirement.

As per the 2017 Lightning Adoption Survey Salesforce Lightning has boosted productivity for users by a significant 41%.