Salesforce's sales cloud

Whether an extensive business or small, achieving the best performance goals is the same concern. For that, businesses should understand the fact that if you do not convert a hot lead, your competitor will. But as you are here, at Atocloud, let us introduce you to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and help grow faster in a smarter way. Here is how?

From prioritizing and routing leads automatically, Salesforce’s cloud also manages a complete pipeline from lead to close. It saves the sales team's time from guiding them in the sales cycle and using their time from admin pains. Ultimately, it resolves the guesswork and improves productivity.  

Apart from this, there is much more you should know about Sales Cloud. Let’s break it down into steps.

How does Salesforce Cloud help? (Features Overview)-

1. Close more deals- The Cloud offers contact management, a marketing tool, a better collaboration that helps the Sales rep to close more deals and much, including:

  • Know your customer’s accounts in every contact
  • Get a deeper view of your customer’s data through social data
  • Companywide people collaboration
  • Become a reason for a well-prepared customer meeting
  • Highlight the focus points of your business
  • Streamline sales process
  • Quick up-to-minutes quotes creation
  • Offer guidance   

2. Get more leads- It will work as your own lead machine to improve conversion. Its lead management, sales data help to make rapid and smarter business decisions. Let’s breakdown its functionality below:

  • More leads conversion into opportunities
  • Help to route leads and assign them to the right people
  • All channel marketing campaigning tracking
  • Connect data from any source and spot trends
  • Extend & customise analytics and match your needs
  • AI-Augmented help to make smarter decisions   

3. Productivity boost- Every day, every lead and anywhere lead, this is how Salesforce works on closing more deals and increasing productivity. Here is the part:

  • Mobile CRM Software- Now you can handle every single opportunity through your mobile even with no internet connectivity. Here some more details about the feature:
    • Complete day management in a single app
    • Fast deal close
    • Better team collaboration
    • File access from anywhere    
  • Workflow and approvals- While using workflow, you can design & run any business process with flexible approvals, expense, deal with discounts. Here is more you can do with this:
    • Automatically set business process and approve the request
    • Drag-and-drop simplify visualises and make the process easy
    • Simplify the approval process and make it less time consuming     
  • File sync & share- From sharing the file to discussing them and publishing the right one with real-time tracking is difficult. Apart from this, it also offers a lot more, including:
    • Team collaboration on files from anywhere
    • Faster field searching   
    • Eliminating the mistakes and publish the latest information

4. Make insightful designs- The feature of the platform turns data into actionable insights that are accessible from anywhere. Here are the other benefits:

  • Report build with It help
  • The same screen chat modification into reports
  • Help to make critical decisions
  • Comprehensive forecast with an accurate business view
  • Top performance tracking
  • Forecast for complex sales teams  


Ask a sales rep; the benefits of sales cloud are refreshing their job while flourishing businesses in the right direction. From eliminating redundancies, optimizing processes, accessing information, prioritizing actions and communication, it solves every part. Apart from that, the various features of Sales Cloud help managers from history to the current status of the workflow. If you are also looking for a Salesforce CRM Solution that facilitates things for you, consult us.