How to Do Salesforce Customization Right

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of salesforce on businesses, whether small or big. Especially in the case of CRM, salesforce is probably the most effective solution.  But, as all businesses are different and each has their different needs of the time. So the question is, does salesforce fulfil the demands of each?

Don’t you think you need someone to analyze? Or you need someone to help you with how you can use the same platform correctly. This is where Salesforce Customization Services can fill the gap. However, in the absence of right Salesforce customization services, it becomes a big-budget item to afford. In short, it can be a better deal if you can enjoy the maximum from it.

With the help of this article, you will know about each and everything you should understand about salesforce customization, such as the ways of customization, the benefits of customization and how to get all of them correctly, and some business saving tips too. 

Ways of salesforce customization

There are 2 ways of customization, so it can reflect your business in the shape of success.

  1. Configuration - Configuration means providing a defined value to users, which is enabled in given features or functions of a module, for example, the email settings. CRM applications can also perform configuration with the help of Salesforce, which was not available for the customer support people. Adding a new field to a given salesforce object is also the part of the configuration.
  2. Customization- The feature or function which is not available as a part of the application, needs to extend with the help of customization. Despite that, you configured the things which have few actions to achieve. Adding triggers and the apex code on the object to generate a vCard is also a part of customization.

Salesforce is a collection of both configuration and customization. But to maintain the optimal balance, it's important to start with the configuration. However, to tackle the defaults of salesforce tools, it’s high time to use code-based customization.        

Why should you choose Salesforce Customization?

To support the sales and customer service activities of your employees, Salesforce customization plays a cuticle rule. The configuration became the reason to achieve a basic level of automation. It allows creating workflow rules and approval processes with the help of process builder and flow builder, which ultimately help to manifest the emails, close or stuck deals, deadlines of processing etc. The lack of automation increases the quality of the business process.  

  • Inconvenient UI/UX- There is no doubt on the user-friendliness of the new version of salesforce UI, but the default page layout does not fulfil the needs of your employees. The needful arrangement of fields, tabs, apps increases the conveniences via easy workflow. The visual force and lighting of salesforce provide a medium to create a UI modification such as branded UI.
  • To make most out of the Salesforce product- When you decide to purchase a salesforce license, the idea of reducing manual jobs and team collaboration might be in mind. As with this, you can close deals faster and continue communication with clients from the same point where it was left earlier. Also, you don't need to spend much time on reports and work can be continued on the go while you are travelling. But, over time, you noticed that all of these goals are not achieved in the same way as it was expected. And Salesforce customization is only the way to get out of this. 
  • To get better results of business processes- If Salesforce is not customized well, then it would not be able to work with your team members as they expected to do. So you need to make modifications, to the system and business processes. It could be well aligned with business goals within the decided budget and time frame only.
  • To get all view s of customers- The main objective of Salesforce implementation is getting a 360-degree of each customer. If you are not able to achieve this goal, then your system needs customization, so it can make it suitable for managing communications. Once you can set up Salesforce as per the business needs, then deals could be closed faster, they can be tracked on the go, and generate new leads for the ultimate growth of your business.
  • Reporting the errors- Every time you communicate with the client either in the form of emails, messages, or phone, it must generate automatic reports in the database, otherwise Salesforce implementation would be just a waste of time.

How can you manage customization right?

  1. Continuous process improvements, automation, and optimization - If you implement it correctly, the salesforce CRM can provide endless benefits to your business. But it's quite difficult without performing the improvement, automation and optimization processes. It's become vital to find a well-known trusted Salesforce partner to get work done as per your expectation and budget. 
  2. The business will grow with time - It doesn't matter even if you started as a small business, things will change, and the business of yours will develop over time. To get a guaranteed growth for the business, you need to make sure that Salesforce CRM is working well to cope up with those growing changes. With the supporting plan, you could make sure that Salesforce will scale as per your growing business needs. 
  3. Technology advancements and innovative apps creation - App creation and the advance of technology are the biggest advantages of the Salesforce development platform. Through Salesforce AppExchange development, you can design and develop business apps quickly. This makes it possible to solve complex business challenges more rapidly and effectively.  

Final Words:

The beauty of Salesforce is the automatic upgrades on the latest industry trends regularly. The product can manage all the information from a single place and can give you a 360-degree view of each customer of yours. Moreover, it can help in generating leads, manage the campaign and lead tracking. So, ultimately you share the work and keep your CRM system free to focus on the customer’s needs. However, without a right trusted Salesforce CRM consulting Partner, it can make an upmarket deal with any profit.