Best Customer Experience with SalesforceHaving a great product with a valuable service can be a wonderful combination of business success. No doubt, you may have a lot of information about your customers, but is this information sufficient to hold them back? When facts are all in favor of the research, which says “it's more difficult to hold the old one, than making the new one, as customers can change their mind at every next moment”. They also said that customer retention can provide a growth of 25%, which is far more than attracting a new one.    

Now the question arises why has it become this venerable? And how would you get their attention back? Well! Customers are not the same as a few years ago when they wait after hearing “you are number 8 Please stay on the line”. Now they don’t want to wait or waste their time explaining the same details all over again. They want quick replies by phone or chat whatever it is. In that case, Salesforce can work as a life-boat for your business, as it can rescue your customers. But first take a look at, how the best customer experience looks like:

What do they call the best customer experience?  

  • Instant replies for sure, they don’t like to wait.
  • Availability of callback option. 
  • Live chat for a more convenient conversation. 
  • Response tweet as an active social media person. 
  • Know who they are, the customer history. 
  • Know what they want.

How salesforce can helpful for better customer experience-  

With the help of Salesforce integration with business Apps, you may know the best ways to connect with your customer, to convert the relationship into a meaningful one.

1. To get all customer data in one place- With the help of integration, you may know the best ways to connect with your customer, to convert the relationship into a meaningful one. The system becomes the reason for consistent communication, as it gets all the customer data (customer history with your business) in one place.   

2. Take advantage of customer data and personalize- After integration, you will get all valuable customer data, so you can send personalized emails with included names, to show the feeling of importance. Salesforce has a vast collection of customer’s data, which is included with their online activities, search history & downloads, and location. 

3. Use social media to reach your customer- When social media is probably the most usable platform of the era, and your customer is using it too. Then why not to answer their query through the same channel? With the help of social media integration tools of Salesforce, you can access all social media platforms in one place.  

4. Integrate Salesforce with your customer service platform- It is essential to serve the customer in a better way, for retaining the loyal one. The integration of both will display the whole information such as email, phone, contact number, and social media connections of customers, so the customer service can treat them wisely. You can also send them discounts or offers from time to time to maintain the engagement.   

5. Track customer interaction- The feature of the salesforce track of customer interaction provides you with an idea about how customers react to your emails. With the help of this, you can also get notification about the clicks on various products or something due to their interest, which will help to know them better.            

6. Re-engage your inactive subscriber- It is a countable fact that the existing customers are more likely to follow-up the purchase rather than the new one. With email marketing tools, you can segment the inactive customers from the list of subscribers. Through the salesforce integration facility, you can easily integrate email tools such as Mailchimp.       

7. IPAAS (integration platform as service) for Business Intelligence- In Salesforce, using iPaaS you can generate and enhance detailed customized reports. It can get faded with the help of other apps, as it allows the data to come from the cloud or any other on-premise application. It can work as an app, which is compatible with mobile devices and other social apps.  

Undoubtedly, to get your customers’ trust back is a vital part of generating revenue. And in this process, the power of customer data can’t be underestimated. Knowing your customers' minds with the help of data such as their habits and patterns of searching. Their likes and dislikes such as who are those customers of yours they keep checking? Other than that, it not only helps to know them but also to handle them. And to get such useful information, salesforce can be an amazing platform to use.

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