Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions

Before knowing how the implementation of Commerce Cloud can power your eCommerce business and how it becomes an eCommerce solution in the new normal?

Do you know what is the new normal for eCommerce business?

The gigantic amounts of traffic, people who just stepped up into eCommerce platforms, and one who used to hide cards started adding products on cards and whatnot. 

Yes, it was clear for years that in the coming years, online stores will overtake everything. But we did not know it’s just a corner away, and it will happen within 90 days. 

Pandemic makes customers manage with new normal but the question is, whether eCommerce businesses are ready to serve each one of them with the same intensity, personalisation and energy? 

Well, Commerce Cloud can do that for you.

Let’s know how? 

How does the Commerce Cloud hand on the power?

Personalize engagement and customer-centric approach-

The Salesforce Cloud creates personalized shopping experiences with drag & drop Commerce Einstein search and recommendations. But as shoppers do not visit your website directly always, but emails, stores, social media. In that case, Commerce Cloud integration lets you deliver a personalized & relevant social media and email experience to your customers.  

Apart from this, the Einstein for B2C Commerce feature empowers merchandisers and marketers to use Artificial Intelligence without a data scientist. Let’s see quick functional highlights:

  • Data unification
  • Interaction personalization
  • Grow revenue across channels with automation
  • SSOT (Single Source of Truth) and AI (Artificial Intelligences)

Connect your commerce business to the customer journey-

Commerce Cloud rapidly completes digital transformation with CRM and powered customers journey for a complete ecosystem from marketing to sales to service. They use the focused wealth of their commerce data and power and help you make smarter decisions. 

Here is how it connects eCommerce business to customer journey:

  • Convert more customers
  • Drive loyalty while providing an amazing customer journey from marketing to sales, services, commerce, fulfilments and beyond
  • Build with your code-based tools or choice of clicks

Adapt quickly with an agile, scalable & secure platform-

The drag-and-drop tools help to launch a powerful commerce site efficiently. The secure & easy-to-use platform helps B2B merchants to sell directly to consumers, even for the first time. Here are the benefits;

  • Easy scale across the globe 
  • Form at customer’s speed 
  • Meet each level of demand 
  • Extend commerces and deliver the experiences, including reality, marketplaces, AR and more     

The Commerce platform can boost revenue across every channel, including B2C, B2B, B2B2C.  

In B2C, Cloud exceeds goals and consumers expectations. Here are uses for B2C:

  • Serves branded experiences such as embedded commerce (rapid clicks, headless APIs or code) and payments.
  • Speed up engagement, productivity and revenue.
  • Connect customer journey from social to storefront, subscriptions to the curbside pickup, and of course from marketing to services.

In B2B, Cloud lowers your cost to serve and increase the revenue with digital-first ordering. Here are uses for B2B:

  • Increase sales with a digital storefront.
  • Easy-to-use tools help with side customization that reduces cost and increases efficiency.
  • Serve buyers a personalized and innate buying experience.  

Apart from these, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives customers transparency in orders and omnichannel shopping.


These enormous functions and abilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud powers eCommerce business and help them to grow in these unsaid new normal situations. If you are also looking forward to adaptation and need trustable help, consult a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services and Implement Commerce Cloud today.