Implementing Robust Salesforce Solutions

Appear on your search results and start manipulating you to implement Salesforce Solutions! Well, this is not our course of action. Yeah! If you have this initial thought to use a Salesforce CRM solution, we won’t deny its bright side. Furthermore, for a trustworthy second opinion, you can believe the fastest-growing Salesforce Development Company: Atocloud

Read on! And you will flourish back with all that you could think of to simplify your business.        

Yes, we are talking about those leads, slow service cases, win rates, issues management and everything Salesforce solutions willing to serve.  

To start this article with a strong base here is some current Salesforce market achievement. 

Current Market Achievements of Salesforce-

After its establishment in 1999, Salesforce has achieved so much back years as a #1 CRM Provider privilege and still counting.

To make the decision easy, we have collected some more facts in numbers:  

  • Between 2015 to 2019 Salesforce will got the increment of 18.4% of share improvement. 
  • Currently, Salesforce has 150,000 paying customers. 
  • They have worked with the best 100 companies globally so far.
  • Make it up for the top 50 workplaces to work for.

We can go on and on… But why you should implement it is what matters more. 

Why Implement a Salesforce Solution?

1. Trustworthy Reporting- Today, many options are present to collect data such as Social media, Business software apps, Google analytics, CRM technology etc. But what if they do not make you take the right actions? What if it’s not sorted, cleaned, and analyzed well? 

Yes, from small to large businesses, all are using Social media data and some of them also started using Google Analytics data on small scale. But still, a myriad of businesses have not dug deep there. And one of the topmost reasons is the absence of CRM technologies. 

The CRM platform is designed for clean matrics collection. Additionally, it also helps with after processes and leads towards the right direction with its organized and interpret reporting features.   
How does it take a cut above than others?  

  • You can see who’s interacting, your company and how. Plus, you can also view opportunities for selling trends and customer service efforts. 
  • You can report on any parameters while categorizing CRM consumers in the sales funnel: Sales, Opportunities, or Leads. 
  • You can examine ads, email, messages and even clicks on all these platforms. Plus, analyze the customer's intent by checking how often they open them. 
  • You can improve communication with the current or past audience and make it easier to reach out. 

2. Visionary Services- Salesforce solution implementation helps your sales team to keep a long-term approach. It boosts the knowledge of service staff for correct intent of their customers, which ultimately, helps them serve for long-term. 

Before the time steps, as now they don’t have to go long for information but everything is on the dashboard. It means high customer satisfaction in less time. 

3. Handy & Visualized Dashboard- Salesforce solutions take you far away from those spreadsheets and manual data inputting. And lead you towards the innovative world of charts and graphics. Handy & visually showcase dashboards are some of the utmost byproducts of this CRM solution. Also, it set up an individual dashboard for each person that has credentials. 

The dashboard is the best fit for those who are willing to track data individually for ads, social media or emails. 

4. Enriched personalisation and Automation- After implementing Salesforce solutions, you can automate the enriched data personally. The real-time insights of market, audience and industry, help you with both manual and automated campaigns. 

CRM helps you to categorise those same intent people, who are willing to buy the same product but come from various campaigns. CRM’s work throughout the funnel when it comes to emails targeting and triggers perfectly. 

During email shoot, the platform helps you to send emails as per their interest. Also, after the desirable action, they cut them from the list, so they don’t have to suffer redundant emails & confusion.  

5. Simplify Collaboration- From conversation to records to notes, Salesforce CRM has stored a lot more for you. You can also check for any contact information, needs and also as it’s cloud-based it up-to-date too. The efficient solution also helps to make a visionary decision. 

Also, the collaboration tools allow multiple people to check for the same lead and increase sales opportunities. Besides, when a salesperson communicates with the customer and takes its view or the latest information, it is shared with the whole team and keeps them all updated.      

How Atocloud can help?

As a final point, we can say that marketing works best with leads. However, sales go best with opportunities and when it comes to customer services, they are the perfect fit for sales. Moreover, they all overlap somewhere. And then to enjoy the fruitful result, a well Optimized Salesforce Solution is all needed.   

And here at Atocloud, we have been working on Salesforce integration Services for years.