Salesforce Tableau CRM

Any business selling their products will tell you one thing—it's competitive out there. No matter which product or service it is selling, there will compete for customers. Leaders in today’s digital-first overtake others by understanding the true essence of customer data trends and how they help to make a difference.

The importance of customer data rose and with it came many techniques and strategies to improve sales. With time, these needed upgrades, and that’s what Tableau CRM brings. Bluntly put, it is a step up to the way one views and interprets data, which can be the deciding factor for many enterprises.


What is Tableau CRM?

The increasing chunk of data underlined the importance of analytics and Tableau CRM was introduced to overcome this problem. It is an upgrade over the default reports and dashboard system offered by Salesforce. Its job is to work with the data source, inspect it to its roots and offer useful insights to the user.

Does all of this sound familiar? That’s because Tableau CRM isn’t a brand-new addition to the Salesforce list of products. The Einstein Analytics that users came to know and love over the past couple of years is now Tableau CRM. It carries all of its great functionalities from before and takes up new features to better understand and predict data.


Are Salesforce reports & Tableau CRM the same?

Considering how it works, it is possible to get confused between reports & dashboard and Tableau CRM. While they behave similarly, their functionalities differ.

For starters, Salesforce reports and dashboards present data for a quick overview, covering basic metrics, whereas Tableau extends beyond that for a deeper look. It has additional features to aid self-service analytics and to see/interpret complex KPIs. Tableau supports data from any source (unlike dashboard, which is Salesforce only) to provide better integration and collaboration. One can study year-by-year trends with Tableau as opposed to a meagre 90-day analysis of its counterpart. 


Setting up Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM is one of the best solutions on the market that is ready to go out of the box. All it needs is data it can work on. To load Salesforce data into the CRM, one can construct a data flow or use the visual wizard to make initial datasets. It can take a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on size. 

Fret not if the data isn’t in Salesforce! It is easy to transfer data with third-party integration partners. Once the data is in place, it's possible to customize the entire experience with Tableau’s vast dashboard making & editing capabilities. 


Few Benefits of Tableau CRM

  • It helps an organization to become more data-driven than ever, which has proven to be the path to success. Features like revenue intelligence bring Sales Cloud and Tableau close to each other to enable meaningful insights to the sales leaders throughout the sales cycle. 
  • Setting it up is fast and the ability to get data from any source makes it highly versatile. It gives apt explanations while interpreting the data and accurately predicting shifts that might happen.
  • It is reliable and scalable, with regular upgrades to keep bugs at bay. A multilayered security process protects data at all times. 

Tableau CRM spots trends, predict what’s next and equips a business with AI-powered guidance to ensure it makes the right decision every time. It's fully integrated with Salesforce CRM with the power of Einstein's discovery at your fingertips. 

Does all this sound complex? If you wish to elevate your business without diving into the nitty-gritty of Tableau, choose AtoCloud. Our experts stay up to date with the latest in Salesforce to give you brilliant advice and help you get satisfactory results.

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