Introduction to Wave Analytics for B2B Marketing

Salesforce Wave Analytics is also referred to as Analytics Cloud. The former is a business intelligence platform from the stable. It is optimized for both mobile access and data visualization. Using the Wave mobile app individuals can work with big data files as well as develop charts, graphs and other types of data representations. Thanks to it folks can drill down into important parts of the business via a few clicks with minimum or no training in the domain of data analysis.

It has the following functionality

  • Service Cloud as well as Service Cloud apps, lenses and dashboards which give better visibility into different data aspects including agent efficiency, trends, team performance and more.

  • A mobile-first policy which assumes that users’ primary tools for accomplishing work given are tablets, smartphones as well as task-specific apps. The technology is optimized for the mobile domain to enable mobile collaboration.

  • It is integrated with other clouds to facilitate data access from each and every source.

Salesforce Wave Analytics App for B2B marketing permits marketing groups to delve into CRM data including campaign ROI, Lead conversion rates, lead volume, pipeline velocity and others. It has the ability to merge data with third-party sources such as social apps, Google Analytics, email and more.

One major advantage of the Analytics Cloud is the speed at which it can process huge quantities of data. The former can process data from external systems. It can take data from the Salesforce CRM, ETL and CSV upload.

Salesforce Analytics is very easy to use. The former adds dynamism to reports. Users can embed Wave-based dashboards in each and every Salesforce object. It is possible to create as well as support highly intuitive dashboards pretty easily. There is a very useful facility to implement charts which refresh in real-time. Powerful insights are obtained without needing to refresh dashboards manually or rely on email-based updates which are the case with other Business Intelligence tools.

Users have the power to define specific actions like updating accounts or directly provide account activity-based action items directly thus empowering marketing teams. There is the facility of infinite scalability. Wave Analytics can handle any marketing data irrespective of size.

Wave enables individuals to upload marketing data fast as well as explore and interact with marketing data on each and every device preferred with considerable ease. Now sales and service teams have the tools to instantly identify as well as pinpoint the relevant answers that lead to smarter deals as well as happier customers.