Jumpstart Your Way to Sales Cloud

Digital transformation is a quick fix for businesses; facing the current outbreak. However, some of them are already travelling through it. You can understand it by this- “21% of businesses believe they have completed digital transformation”. On the other side, you might be feeling like you’re a virtual seller without a concrete virtual solution. Well, the Sales Cloud is for you. 
A salesperson should always stay close to their customers, and digital is an effective way to do so. That's why Salesforce’s Sales Cloud was created with goals. And to achieve those goals, you just need to follow some tips. 

How to start an all-digital business with Sale Cloud?

There are some collective ways to jumpstart your business digitally. But to snap up the entire Sale Cloud advantage, you have to follow some expert tips.

  1. Focus on your customer business- Use Einstein-enabled for regular updates on changes and also recommend next steps. While focusing on your customers business, you can calculate the impact in real-time. To fill the gap between customers and salespeople, it combines business detail and market intelligence in a single feed. And on the other hand, it also helps with AI for smarter insights.
  2. Take a fresh look at the dashboard- Various dashboard of Salesforce clouds supply full insights of business and sales pine lines. From business performance to solutions, it works for everything. It provides visibility within teams and shows how good or bad they are moving towards their goals in real-time.It provides an everyday update and shows all data into understandable chart formats. Sales cloud dashboard has customizable features to see open opportunities as well as industry opportunities.
  3. Track with lightning console- To display deals, activity history, chatter mentions and many other insights, lighting console play a vital role. It works as a command centre with various opportunities for quick layouts. 
  4. Stay connected with chat- To boost discussion and collaboration; you have to add Chatter in social networks in the product. From updates to polls, texts & emails, Sales can use it for moral and recognition. Also, it helps salespeople to engage and entertain users the same as social networks. Other than this, you can poll, posts and questions without leaving Salesforce.
  5. Use email integration- It offers more conversion and organises emails for you. From syncing and capturing tasks, contacts, events automatically between Gmail, Outlook and CRM, it takes less time on manual data entry. With in-person meetings, emails are more important than ever, as it works more efficiently by logging activity and minimizing manual data entry. Top of that, it includes a Sales cloud and boosts productivity. 
  6. Use Salesforce inbox and schedule with ease-The Clickable meeting times make it easy to schedule them via emails. These inboxes are those add-ons that allow you to schedule emails via fixed time and send meeting times to contacts, so they can schedule just by clicking a link. It also serves email templates for rapid tracking and outreach. To keep the sales team productive without being more hard on oneself, it gives you functions to schedule. Ultimately, it produces sales productivity by calendars, emails and CRM.
  7. Combine sales and service cloud- From sales pipelines to close business in clear visual version display information. As service and sales go hand-in-hand and form a powerful version of insights to get a real-time update on both delivery or production. 
  8. Use Quip and get detailed close plans- Quip is a collaboration tool which can store questions and templates for close plans. With that, it also serves a real-time view of emails, contacts and other opportunities. It reduces the time we previously spent on selling. As per now, after closing deals, all the communications appear in one place. So you don’t have to deal with those long emails. However, if you are not sure about it, you can use its free trial. 

In a Nutshell! 

Now when we are done with how you can use Sales Cloud to digitally transform your businesses. You definitely want to implement Sales Cloud. And if confused on how to begin? Hire Atocloud’s Salesforce support professionals and start a digital journey today!