Pardot B2B Lead Management

Marketing and sales both have a distinct definition of ‘Lead’ which emerges a tremendous crack in the lead management process. And that’s where Salesforce Pardot fills the gap by getting them along.  

Marketing prospect- A person or organisation showing interest in buying your product via sharing a phone number, email, social media account details, is ‘Lead’.

Sales prospect- They call it an opportunity, and if this turns in further desirable actions such as free demo/trial. That means they are sales-ready, and that’s what they call a ‘Lead’.   

So should you only deal with these sales-ready leads and not with the marketing leads?
Well, that will be the same as cutting opportunities, as these leads only need the right management to gain profit.

So, in this article, we will guide the light for your further tunnel of lead management where we will talk about marketing, sales and Pardot roles.  

What is Lead Management?

Generating leads and converting them to sales sounds simple, but it is more than an uphill journey that needs a step to step management. In the case of a single lead, management is easy, but for a massive amount of leads, they demand full-time management. And these steps to define, measure, and optimise leads known as lead management.       

Why Pardot for lead management?

For selling something, you must have a group of people who are willing to buy it. But in online business, there is a massive sea of buyers and also plenty of sellers to sell in case of B2C.

But in B2B, the case is distinct, here generating leads not as simple as in B2C. The utmost obstacle may be the savvy marketers that need customers with a well-builded focus approach.     

In such conditions, leads need constant & equal attention, as they are the same as a bunch of same age babies that require undividable attention. The more the leads, the more it becomes difficult to handle and not just handle but take to the goal.   
“Where a lead management software such as Salesforce Pardot comes in a frame.”

For what Pardot helps?

  • Lead leakage
  • Missed follow-ups
  • No lead engagement
  • Guesswork elimination
  • Prioritise quality leads
  • Right prospect & concept delivery
  • Powerful lead generation  

Pardot Lead Management Procedure?

Lead capture => Lead qualification => Lead distribution => Lead nursing => and repeat

If we put aside the entire software concept for a while, every business whether small or large uses alternatives of lead management software. In small business mobile phones play the role, in midsize the excel sheet and for extensive business, there should be lead management software like Pardot.

When should you use Pardot?

We don’t advise you on something that may not even be the demand of your business. Make sure you have gone through these questions before buying a full-fledged lead management software for your business.

  • What is the purpose?

Explanation- does it sales increment, lead increment, or Analytics?

  • Does the system mould your business?

Explanation- Check for the flexibility of the system for the business process.

  • Can this software capture lead from all your sources?

Explanation- In the plenty of lead generation sources, it is important to check for capability.

How does Pardot keep the pipeline fully stocked?

From serving revenue increase up to 34%, Salesforce Pardot is also responsible for a 37% boost in average marketing effectiveness. Furthermore, there is much more this amazing Salesforce solution serving to business, including:

  • Inbuild the link between sales reps to make communication better.
  • Help in data delivery to server best customer experience.
  • Support all aspects from marketing, commerce, service and sales.
  • Rapid lead generation & motion
  • Dynamic & personalized campaigns
  • Help to make data-driven decisions
  • Strengthen ABM (Account-based marketing) strategies

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Bonding Sales & Marketing Powers Together!

In a nutshell, we hope the role of Pardot to nurture leads in the marketing to sales pipeline is quite clear now. Pardot is a recusing deal in B2B, as in the case of techie leaders a simple lead leakage can snatch a massive profit and revenue.

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