Outsource your AppExchange App Development

In this huge world of emerging day-to-day technologies, if you think it's only beneficial when you are working on your own, then you might be wrong. How can someone ignore a bunch of developers, who had years of experience and worked on thousands of development projects? How can you pass over the experts who have the solution on their fingertips? The well-furnished work according to your needs, as with these professionals, you have the power to build your dream project exactly as you want.

In this article, we will talk about We will talk about all aspects of outsourcing outsourcing Salesforce AppExchange App Development Services. AppExchange development from how to why. But before that, let’s know about Salesforce AppExchange first.   

Defining Salesforce AppExchange-   

AppExchage is a Salesforce store, which extends the functionality of Salesforce in almost every department and industry. It works as an ecosystem where over 5000 ready-to-install solutions are present. You will also get to see over 80,000 of reviews to know the experiences of other users. Almost 6 millions of customers already installed the apps to solve their business challenges. It includes all types of solutions such as apps, components, bold solutions, lighting data, flows etc.

The types of Salesforce app exchange products:

  1. Managed packages- These packages are maintained by app providers. It is built by the salesforce independent software vendors partners to serve a well-designed app to their customers. The packages are developed by salesforce development edition and can be upgraded, as the customers can’t see the codes.     
  2. Unmanaged packages- Packages that are in templates form and used to serve the apps and opensource projects. These packages provide the functionality to developers on building blocks and building additionals on the top, according to customers requirements. The package can’t be upgraded after distribution as all the changes can be seen by the customers.  

What is Salesforce AppExchange development?

Salesforce app exchange development is a service that runs on Force.com, where apps are built by using tools. It is also backed by Lightning and Apex (a Java-like programming language) and Lightning and Visualforce (a framework), which includes an XML syntax and used to generate HTML.  

Why do you need a Salesforce AppExchange development?

  1. It can be used by developers and independent software vendor partners, which make it easy for them to work. 
  2. It helps to build the app for enterprises such as professional app automation.
  3. It makes it possible to achieve business goals in the cloud and measure it. 
  4. You don’t need to build the functionality from the stretch.
  5. It guides the creation of innovative apps.

How does AppExchange work?

  1. Creation - It creates the custom object, dashboards, and custom tab to contain the information to improve business. These applications are shareable, which means a salesforce user can share it with other salesforce users.     
  2. Publish - After the creation of the app, a salesforce customer has to register and publish it on AppExchange. What they have to do is to create a demo which helps other salesforce users to know about the app before installing it.
  3. Install - The published app can be installed by Salesforce admins according to their choice. The installation of published apps is safe and easy.
  4. Scan - Read the descriptions, review of the app on AppExchange and then choose the suitable one for you.
  5. Test Drive - Watch the full demo and test the app functionalities.
  6. Install - Install the app according to the selected salesforce environment. Before deploying, explain to them how to use the new functionalities.
  7. Deploy - Deploy the application and access permission to the user or group of customized users.

Wrapping it up!

AppExchage app development is a technical process to do, and if you want it to be done perfectly, outsourcing the work to the right Salesforce CRM Integration Company is an ideal decision. To get a time-saving, cost-saving and flawless process, contact a Salesforce AppExchange Development service today.