Increase Revenue by Enhancing productivity of Your Salesforce

You have made a smart move by purchasing Salesforce – the world’s leading cloud-based CRM. But this step alone is not good enough. Effort, thinking and imagination is needed to churn out additional returns. We look at ways to leverage Salesforce to increase company revenues.

  1. Make sure all are on the same page - Everybody in the company should become proficient in using as well as leveraging the full power of this popular CRM platform. Additional training needs to be provided for the folks who are lagging behind. The leaders can advise and share tips with the rest.
  2. Update data – Old data needs to be updated in real-time to avoid confusion and mistakes. Everybody should have access to the most current data. That way all departments can synchronize and synergies efforts to maximize revenue.
  3. Use the latest version – Salesforce platform is updated to exploit new technology and weed out flaws. Make sure you update the software regularly and without fail to be a step ahead of competitors.
  4. Buy compatible extras – Any new system should be examined with the perspective of smooth integration with Salesforce. This avoids isolated systems or departments. New software should integrate and function smoothly with the already installed up and running Salesforce platform. For Salesforce third-party integration services connect with our experts.
  5. Integrate the firm's customer service platform with Salesforce – It is far easier to get business from old customers than from new ones. The sales process is not complete after purchase and the delivery of the order. The customer is bound to call up the customer service center if something is missing, there is confusion, or in case of defects or mishaps. He/she shouldn’t have to wait long or talk to multiple people in resolving his/her legitimate issue. In case he is unhappy or unsatisfied with the customer service rendered he/she will waste no time in changing over to competitors. Hence data gleaned during the sales process should be 100% shared with the customer service platform. Hence customer service staff will have completed and updated information about the customer as well as his/her buying history, background and other useful and relevant data.

Other tips to enhance Salesforce productivity include storing all data in a single central location, leveraging the Social media functionality, re-engage old leads and offer personalized incentives based on buying history. Remember to add a personal touch while engaging customers to complement the power of Salesforce with best Salesforce CRM Development Company. Each of your clients deserves special treatment from you and your CRM.