Customized Salesforce Mobile Apps in 2019

In the digital era, mobile applications are the present and future when it comes to scaling up a business. On this Cloud-based mobile apps are termed as one the necessities or businesses nowadays especially if we relate it in regards to the upcoming years. Now more organizations are opting for solutions that are cloud-based or simply going for cloud-based applications.

Still, there is a significant number of businesses both online and offline that are yet unaware of the power of cloud computing. That's the reason why our team at Atocloud will make sure to cover all the several reasons to choose cloud-based mobile applications i.e. easy management, lower cost and integration are few to name.

Let’s discuss Few Reasons with you as to why it’s more profitable to choose Cloud-based Mobile Apps over native mobile apps as of today:

Below mentioned some of the most important points that can perfectly answer your question of why you should be using cloud mobile apps for your business in 2019 or for the upcoming year 2020:

1. Smooth Database Integration: This is one of the main reasons behind choosing cloud mobile applications and solutions as it offers users the smooth Database Integration. As every business whether it small or large required smooth database integration to run their various processes smoothly. You should be well aware of with these facts that for importing all of your database information it needs to be connected with your app and that means it can result in a time-consuming process.

Hence with the help of cloud-based mobile app development, Salesforce data integration becomes easier to implement as here all the data can be synced with the cloud server.

2. Lower costs: It is another important factor that motivates business owners to opt for a mobile cloud app. Choosing an app platform has always played a strong role in deciding the cost of an app as well. For example, creating a native app for android or ios will cost you around $800 - $1700 due to its complexities.

3. No Platform Dependency: This is the major advantage for a developer, as the user doesn't have to choose between Android or iOS hence developers can launch on both platforms concurrently i.e. the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This also reduces the additional amount of work and makes the task easier to implement while presenting your mobile app to a much wider user base. As per the current scenario, we can state that Android controls one-third percent of the global market share of device users.

4. No Installations Required: It is another important factor to look on mobile cloud apps is that there is no need for them to be installed. It means cloud apps do not require to be downloaded or installed from the app stores to the user’s mobile device to work.

With mobile cloud solutions, users can access the data directly, utilize it with the help of a mobile browser. But in the case of native apps users need to install the app from the app store first to work.

5. Easy Data Recovery: Let's assume that everything is being stored on a local server which mainly happens in the case of native apps, then what will happen if the server gets damaged or destroyed? A lot of things can take place and you may lose all your stored information.

It's something which I know no app business owner wants to think of. The solution to this is cloud hosting your app, which means that everything is stored on multiple servers and that data is also backed up more efficiently.

Conclusion: Hence can be concluded that app developers and entrepreneurs who are in search of an alternative for app development should opt for mobile cloud solutions and cloud-based services. The main advantages of mobile cloud computing are its data security factor and the cost efficiency that it makes this cloud base CRM table-topper. If you’re looking for the right Salesforce App Development Company or for any Salesforce services then contact us at