Reasons Why Telecom Industry Can’t Say ‘NO’ to Salesforce

We are in the ERA of digital where information (good or bad) travels in a second through Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Happy customers share their experience with the people they know but the same applies to the unhappy customers and the fact is negative reviews have twice the reach as compared to positive ones.

To keep this concept in mind, it becomes necessary for every company to find tools and create strategies that could help them rise to the occasion.
We have the best example of the Telecommunication industry, which deals with a huge customer database, and the fact is its increasing with each passing day. But do you ever thought how difficult it is for telecom companies to manage each customer database? Having a database doesn't mean you have everything, sorting and arranging them in a sequence that can streamline the sales, marketing, and support job so that all of them can work with each other cooperatively.

And all this is possible for the telecom world if they have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software so that they can track each interaction with customers through different channels. This is not the limit; it can analyze these interactions and provide you with valuable insights to improve the overall performance of your team.

Here are the reasons how a telecom company can benefit from CRM.

1) Database Management: Now people are more active on social media and do their research over instead of visiting multiple sites. Salesforce CRM software helps the telecom industry in finding there customer's data across all the channels and consolidates all that in one place.  
Below mentioned data is helpful for an organization in multiple ways:

  • For the customer support team – It collects the data that contains the customer interaction information - part and present, which helps the customer support team in providing better service.
  • For the marketing team – With the clear insight of customer purchase behavior, the marketing team build their strategy or led marketing campaigns to generate quality leads.
  • For the sales team – Salesforce CRM is particularly used to figure out the buyer behavior. Hence, based on the above report sales team targets those customers who have the highest conversion rate.

2) Improved Customer Interaction: How you interact with your customer, defines whether he'll come back to you or not. it's being said, "the first impression is the last". Because of large customer base telecommunication customer database, provide s seamless interaction with its customer can be a challenging task. But by Implementing Salesforce CRM solves this problem of the telecom industry very smoothly.

3) Seamless Tracking and Automated Followups: The telecom industry has to deal with a large set of customers daily; hence keeping an eye watch  24x7 hrs on each action taken by the customer is a tough task. however, using the Salesforce data consolidation feature, make the work done in no time.

4) Easy Dispute Management: The telecom industry have a bit long list of customer complaints as compared to any other industry. But leaving customers unhappy with service will inspire him to say goodbye to your service. Salesforce takes care of all this by keeping track of customer interaction with an organization. Such as it keeps a track of staff who is dealing with customer to resolve his query, all the provides solutions, customer feedback (satisfied or not). It shows whether the problem is resolved permanently or not.


The telecom industry is spreading fast, new technologies are coming and discussed every day. So it's high time to introduce Salesforce CRM with your employees as it is not an easy task to handle such a large set of the customer base.