Restructure B2B Commerce for Manufacturers & Distributors

Urge to generate more and more revenue is the tendency of every seller. And especially if you are a B2B Commerce owner and selling online, expecting revenue also in large amounts is obvious. But when it comes to taking steps for that, only 27% of B2B businesses are working on maximising it. However, if you’re one of those who are searching to take it one level up, this article is for you. 

As most of the time, when we talk about eCommerce, we think of only online shoppers and their experiences. However, Salesforce Commerce Cloud works for another world of eCommerce: The B2B (business-to-business) market. This Salesforce product is specially designed to focus on B2B manufacturers & distributors. 

Excited to know how to do it? Keep rolling.

How to restructure B2B Commerce?

B2B Commerce has much flair that you love to use to boost your business, such as its supportive design and features to handle complex buying relations. However, B2B is more like an online selling catalog, but when it comes to purchasing hundreds of items in a cart including negotiations, it soon becomes a complex purchase.

And the truth is, in this cutting edge technology, there are still plenty of businesses out there struggling with the same outdated technology. Due to that, customers are forced to phone, emails and even fax to manage and capture order. Also, they have to seek from the same channels to get order locations & history, customer information, and invoices.         
Obviously, now you are wondering what B2B commerce can offer you regarding the all upper mentioned points. So roll down and know the offerings:  

List of offerings:

Salesforce B2B Commerce builds a seamless multi channel relationship with business buyers. And serve them an exceptional online buying experience while providing a holistic view of customers to sales reps. Apart from this, you can also enjoy several benefits of this product, such as:   

  • Personal catalog with customers exclusive items- B2B Commerce adding customers’ choice exclusive items and helps businesses to serve a personalised experience.
  • Accurate pricing based on contract- The other way to personalize the entire experience, is to show the pre-negotiable price. It makes customers free from formalities to mention it one single time all over again. 
  • Rapid and easy records- Easy and individual buying makes it so handy to keep records. Also, when it comes to modification in a previous order, it's just a two-click process to perform.     
  • Prefered payment options- When you are leading your business with Salesforce B2B Commerce, your customers are just two steps away to pay bills. Although they can also choose suitable payment options such as ACH (Automated Clearing House Transaction), purchase orders, credit cards.
  • Advanced shipping options- With B2B Commerces customers are allowed to ship orders in multiple locations, dates and deliveries. So if your customers have to deliver their stock to various locations, they can do it without any hassle. 

Till now, companies spend lots of time and effort in technicalities while making online orders. However by now, most things have overcome, and they can focus on investments.    

How does it work for CRM?

Since it is timely developed with capturing commerce data, long term customers, it natively built on salesforce lightning platform and can integrate CRM data from all Sales, service, and community clouds. 

However, there are some other helpful points you must note, including: 

  1. Easily accessible to both sellers and buyers, so they can see B2B activities in their dashboard. 
  2. Sales reps can observe activities as carts, orders, opportunities, objects and cases into contact record level or accounts. 
  3. Buyers can see CRM data directly from their site and can access service case data, previous orders and many more. 

Maybe this remarkable fusion makes it the top choice of B2B companies. 

Wrapping up! 

In this rapidly emerging online purchase market, both B2B and B2C demand for a system that can make it hassle-free for them. And Salesforce Commerce Cloud can serve both of them via its products and services. 

Now when you have this deep-dyed knowledge of Commerce solutions, won’t wait for more, grab it. 

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