Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Today’s market is congested for businesses. Making an impact is tough because of breakneck competition to acquire and retain customers. One way to survive and thrive is by investing time, effort, and money to perfect customer experiences.

Salesforce Commerce cloud makes it easy to transform your customer’s experience with its extensive list of tools and features. Trusted by many global brands, this SaaS is the perfect solution for both B2B and B2C channels. It is part of a myriad of Salesforce CRM solutions offered by Salesforce.

But how does Salesforce commerce cloud help to create great customer experiences?


Customer-centric Model

The importance of what customers think and how they behave is of great value in the current market. This prompted businesses to change from just paying attention to the customer’s behaviour to a customer-centric approach.

In simple words, it means putting your customer at the centre of everything you do. With Salesforce CRM solutions, you get support in sales, service, marketing, analytics and more. This empowers you to unify data, personalise interactions and make the necessary changes to ensure that customers are the happiest shopping with you.


Use mCommerce

mCommerce is reaching great heights with the global rise in smartphone use. People love to shop from the comfort of their homes and to become successful, you need to meet that demand.

The Salesforce commerce cloud digital helps to build mobile-friendly websites with a reference architecture, useful tools and familiar mobile frameworks. Most customers who use smartphones to shop are fed up with the speed, interface and overall experience. A solution to this problem will grow your reach organically.


Leverage Social Media

Gone are the days when social media was used to just chat with friends and upload your memories. Nowadays, it has become a way for customers to reach out to your brand with their enquiries, requests and grievances.

The commerce cloud’s social integration features extend your commerce into social media. Facebook, Instagram, no matter which platform your customer prefers, you can meet them there.


Blur the Line Between Online & Offline

Studies show that a whopping 83% of customers use shopping apps to research and compare prices while inside the store.

The lift of Covid-19 restrictions let brands open their physical stores but people won’t give up on online channels because of that. The key is increasing your number of digital and physical touchpoints and using CRM solutions to blur the lines between them.


A Smooth Journey

From acquisition to sales and beyond, looking after a customer’s needs improves sales in the long run.

Use the best practices, like saved carts and payment accelerators, to reduce cart abandonment and optimize the sales conversion funnel. You can keep track of the entire journey of your customer with a unified profile. Other clouds, like the Salesforce service cloud, offer support with self-service options. Learn more on how connecting commerce cloud unifies customer’s journey.


More Power to Customer Service

A core limitation of a great customer experience is the disconnect between various departments. Anyone calling to get basic details about their order is made to wait while the executive scrambles to get that information.

The unified view puts an end to this. The customer service executive can open the customer’s tab and view all the details in one place. They can even update remarks so that the next executive doesn’t have to repeat the same questions to know the status of the issue. Apart from this, your executive can support customer interaction on any channel with the Salesforce service cloud.



You can use these points as advice to improve customer experience and bring a substantial boost in revenue.

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