Salesforce CRM for Online Retail

Online retail is a tough business to be in. There is breakneck competition for customers who don’t waste a moment at a place where they are not feeling appreciated. Make sure that does not happen with your business. Try Salesforce CRM that aims to bridge the gap between companies and customers with its amazing features. It is the world’s #1 CRM (customer relationship management) software with a huge 19.8% market share in this space.

Can Salesforce consulting services push your business to a new level? How will it help you? Let us go over a few core features and find out how they add benefit to your cause.



1. Intelligent Advertising

Sales follow when you push your product/service out into the world. Without good advertising, countless prospects won’t even know about your product. Today, there are many channels to advertise a product. Salesforce Advertisement Studio uses Intelligent Advertising to take huge strides in this.

It uses the data collected by the other clouds (like marketing & sales cloud) to build targeted advertising strategies. At its best, it can produce new leads, nurture the current ones and turn cold leads hot. By studying the data, you push the right products to the right customer at the right time. Overall, Salesforce CRM supports you in making customer-focused strategies.

2. Personal Journeys

There is a myth that email marketing is dead, but a whopping 4 billion email users worldwide in 2021 (according to says otherwise. Salesforce realised its importance and launched support for its email studio in 2016. The Salesforce email studio personalises the journey for each customer.

Creating targeted content is extremely easy with the email studio. It allows you to customize email templates and manage leads by tracking subscribers, non-subscribers & other customer actions. You can study crucial information like clicks and email open rates to improve your marketing strategy.

3. Unified Commerce

Besides all the nitty-gritty, your online store must be consistent across all devices. Salesforce makes that possible with its omnichannel order management capabilities, making shopping seamless across mobile, web and social stores. 

You have access to easy features such as drag and drop to make a lucrative store with the Commerce cloud. This unified front is fueled with Einstein analytics that uses AI to take you a step ahead. It handles large, complex data and helps to get a better understanding of product sales, customer behaviour, organization’s performance, etc.

4. Delivering on All Channels

Be it a query or a complaint, many companies put the customer through a waiting block until their representative is available. Live Message of Salesforce puts a stop to this by interacting with the customer on their preferred channel.

Currently, you can use SMS, Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger, but this will soon include WeChat and WhatsApp. Chatbots are there to automate a few routine questions so that your agent doesn’t start with a blank sheet of the problem. What’s better is that a single agent can handle multiple chats simultaneously.

Both your customers and you reap the benefits of Salesforce and all its amazing features.



1. No More Time Wastage

In a world where time is of the essence, Salesforce services try to reduce manual work & time wastage. It breaks down the walls between teams working in the same organization by providing a holistic view of a customer’s data. One-click lets anyone access the same, and all changes update in real-time.

2. Boost in Revenue

The combination of all the services of Salesforce gives a boost to the business. Improved customer experience motivates them to shop with you and eventually become regular customers. Many of them will bring in more customers through references. On your end, it gives you fresh leads. Not just that, it lets you know the best time to contact a prospect to convert them into a customer.


By investing in Salesforce, you will join a growing family of over 150,000 businesses globally.

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