Education Cloud

The term ‘student’ has revolutionized in recent years. This change results from continuous technological advancements, changing economic statuses, and fast-shifting work environments.

In their effort to adjust to this change, educational institutions have turned towards Salesforce Education Cloud, and to great success. Salesforce is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software available today and recently it introduced Education Cloud. This was its second step toward improving the learning experience for students, post the launch of the Higher Education Pack (HEDA) in 2016.

What is Salesforce Education Cloud?

Salesforce Education Cloud, also known as Salesforce for Higher Education makes up a collection of objects and solutions that simplify complex processes for students, teachers and institutions alike.

It lets the users manage all their data from one place by efficiently integrating distinct elements on the Salesforce platform. This opens the path for learners to get an increased personalisation of student experiences & more opportunities for the future, strengthening the teacher’s support.

Education Cloud is not only helpful for the students but equally supports the institutions. It provides a 360-degree view of the student and other institutional data which empowers the staff to visualize different students and their academic journey, including their daily activities. With enough information in hand, the staff can focus more on providing a next-level student experience.

Let’s review a few of the best features of Salesforce Education Cloud that make it so effective and successful.

Personalized Communication

Salesforce Education Cloud promotes excellent digital engagement with appropriate, engaging, and personalized messaging. It eases complex operations by offering quick and efficient communication leading to swift actions.

360-Degree View of Stakeholders

The Education Cloud merges every interaction with all the stakeholders, including current, prospective, and ex-students, and presents them in a single view. It offers a holistic view of students and engages them as per their device preferences.

Multi-Departments Affiliation

It’s so obvious for different departments of the campus to collaborate for reaching maximum efficiency. Salesforce Education Cloud facilitates this affiliation and ensures a smoother experience for students, free of silos.

Loan Application Management

Educational institutions often offer many types of grants and loans to help the brightest students shine brighter. The Education Cloud cuts short the communication process involved in acquiring these loans and tracking them. You can also automate processes like grant budgeting and funding.

Marketing Automation

Salesforce Education Cloud takes care of all the critical aspects of a student's journey, campaign management, budget tracking, social marketing, and personalized messaging.

Benefits of Salesforce Education Cloud

As per the reports of the Total Economic Impact Study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Salesforce Education brags-

  • 195% Returns On Investment
  • 11% increase in registration
  • 60% fall in Information Technology expenses
  • 38% quicker response to student needs
  • $2.4M legacy cost savings
  • 40% raise in student engagement
  • 80% enhancement in staff productivity

We hope this helped you better understand Salesforce Education Cloud, what it is and its overall benefits. It is helpful for the entire educational sector. The platform effectively improves the student journey and provides useful insights about students to the institutions.

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