Salesforce is a widely used CRM tool that helps businesses efficiently manage complex business operations. It releases regular updates to provide you with improved performance, security, logic, and usability of your Salesforce org.

Salesforce Spring’23 is live now and users are more than excited to encounter a new Salesforce experience. Users will be able to utilize all the new features such as automated conversational milestones, mobile extensibility, innovative Marketing Cloud, and Customer Data Platform latest by February 13, 2023.

The new version is anticipated to bring enhancements to existing Salesforce tools. Spring’23 is aimed at driving cost savings and boosting efficiency with innovations. Here’s a look at its latest features.

Top 5 Features of Salesforce Spring’23


1. Automotive Cloud Intelligence

The automotive industry will be most benefited after the launch of Salesforce Spring as it provides them with access to Automotive Cloud which includes tools like pre-built KPIs and advanced dashboards embedded where they work. They can utilize AI-driven useful insights to get detailed information concerning their automotive lead performance, vehicle portfolio inventory & sales, vehicle & parts forecasts, and more.


2. Whatsapp Business Messaging

After the introduction of Whatsapp Business messaging on Salesforce, you can drive conversational commerce and build greater engagement. It will offer new methods to sell, market, and support right from a conversation to increase customer engagement, augment sales, and drive better customer support outcomes.


3. Salesforce Contact Center

Insights & Scheduling: You will get access to extraordinary features of Salesforce including Einstein Conversation Insights and Shift Scheduling which assists the contact center heads in scheduling the right agents on the right channels at the right time, and onboarding those agents quickly with proper coaching and insights to save time.


4. Service Process Automation

The latest update from Salesforce will aid financial services firms to deploy automated processes for common service requests. This will ensure a quick development process with minimum or even no-code tools. Further, it enables such firms to select a pre-built process template and make API calls to third-party systems at scale with High-Performance Integrations.


5. Quick Promotion Setup

Loyalty Management is a unique feature from Salesforce that enables users to engage with customers in meaningful ways and nurture relationships. With the launch of Salesforce Spring’23, Loyalty Management users will be able to save time with a simple setup experience for commonly used promotions. Loyalty program managers can configure predefined eligibility, reward, and rule criteria within a few clicks.

Salesforce Spring’23 brings a brand new set of features and tools to help you manage business operations with ease. It will also offer improvements to existing Salesforce tools like Lightning Experience, Salesforce Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Experience Cloud, Einstein Automate, Customer Data Platform, and Field Service. This will increase your business’ efficiency and help you achieve your business goals.

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