Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning, popularly known as Lightning, is a component-based framework for app development. The framework developed by Salesforce in 2014 to simplify the programming process, especially for business users. Salesforce Lightning was the next upgrade after the Salesforce Classic. Its potential for sales and CRM built it as the future of sales and CRM.     

In 2019 Salesforce’s Total Economic Impact Study of Salesforce Lightning showed 475% ROI over three years. It is enough to understand the mind-blowing effect of Salesforce Lightning Development Services on sales.      

How Salesforce Lightning affects workflow and productivity?  

Salesforce Lightning helps users to work efficiently on company workflow and productivity. It improves the focus of the sales team on right deals, customers and activities. 

The following lightning highlights will give you a clear idea about how it affects CRM & Sales.     

The highlights of Lightning- 

  1. Sell faster
  2. Personalized alerts
  3. Interactive assistance
  4. Support customers faster
  5. Bring knowledge, cases, and support tools together.

“Lightning works as its name: Fast, Beautiful, and Unique.”

Why should you migrate to Salesforce Lightning? Know in detail. 

Increasing productivity for the sales team- The more convenient homepages for sales teams, the more they lead businesses to productivity. Salesforce Lightning provides that convenience to the sales team’s each member in assigned & overdue tasks and problematic opportunities.    

Other than this, with an activity timeline, sales representatives can keep track of planned and accomplished leads for specific opportunities or sales or accounts.    
For better analytics and forecasting- Lightning experience improved the process of integration with Einstein AI. It allows users to understand lead quality, behavior and steps to nurturing them. Furthermore, it anticipates demands on goods and services. 

To expand customers' profiles, Einstein account insights provide a personalized experience that enhances revenue. For displaying analyzed data, there is improved visual reporting, which saves time from building and reading reports.  

How Salesforce Lightning benefits different personas?

Sales users- In the action-oriented environment of Lightning, it promotes an efficient sales workflow. Whatever context it is, pages focus on the most important one first. It makes the sales process clear and supports best practice. It has separate tabs for details, related information, and collaboration, so you don’t have to scroll more. With Salesforce Lightning, the activities such as taking notes, making calls and sending emails are right there where it’s needed.          

Service users- With a service cloud of Lightning experience, you get a high-productivity workspace with a single view of every customer. It saves time of service agents from switching between multiple apps. Console’s guides make agents work faster in case of management. Such as split view, attachments, drag-and-drop and case details. Lightning has the tools to find and share the right information, attached articles.
Admins- Admins can create and customize pages faster without starting from scratch each time, as the lightning components are reusable throughout the interface. The available setup in Lightning experience, framework’s declarative tools work like a magic stick for admins.
The admin can easily add, remove and rearrange components on home pages or record pages with the drag-and-drop feature. Not only this, but admins can control component behavior by configuring, as the same component is used for various properties in various locations. All this ultimately, speed up the customization work. 
Developers- It makes work simpler for developers, as with building blocks developers can create fast custom lightning. The framework provides many tools to developers such as the Salesforce Lightning Design System (a complete styling library), so developers don’t need to write HTML or CSS on their own. And the reusable lightning component eliminates the need to write controller codes. It all reduced the complexity that means developers can code faster with quality performance.    

Last thought!

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