Salesforce AppSalesforce is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and powerful Customer Relationship Management platforms available in today’s world. It does so by adapting to the latest trends.

One of the major concerns for entrepreneurs is the tremendous shift of users from desktops to smartphones. Do you know that mobile internet users account for approximately 70% of the world's internet users? 

Apart from helping businesses handle their major operations, the Salesforce app brings its own set of benefits to your enterprise. Let us have a look at some of them.

Advantages of Salesforce App for your Business

Salesforce identified this shift to smartphones and launched its mobile app. Don’t know how to download the Salesforce app on your smartphone? Use this link to directly download and install it on your phone. The best part of using the mobile app is that you won’t be missing out on any features available on its desktop version.

  • Accessibility

First things first, Salesforce mobile app allows you to conveniently access data anytime and anywhere. This means there is no need for the sales rep to manually visit the office every time to collect data for each customer. 

With the help of the mobile app, they can directly contact prospects by utilizing the data available at their fingertips. As the manual process of making regular visits is eliminated, this app saves a lot of time for the employees and that enhances the team’s overall efficiency. Hence, your business will be able to convert more prospects into customers.

  • Update information on the Go

Access to real-time data is essential for any business. The Salesforce app offers you the flexibility to update information in the CRM through your smartphone. 

Whenever a user updates a piece of information on the app, the CRM server gets updated automatically to ensure that the entire organization has access to the latest data. For instance, if your sales team closes a deal with a client, the details will get updated on the server, and everyone in your enterprise using the app gets updated with the same.

Sometimes, the sales manager is unable to meet the team personally and it becomes difficult to assess the team's performance. In such a scenario, they can utilize the salesforce mobile app to track the real-time performance of the team.

  • Enhance speed with 3rd party App Integration

To make the best out of the Salesforce app, it allows you to integrate third-party applications and enhance its speed. 

For illustration, the sales team can quickly form an agreement with the customer using the camera and digital signature on the application. This restricts the need to manually visit clients for getting signatures, speeding up the process and enhancing efficiency.

These facts show that the Salesforce mobile app is useful for your business. It facilitates accessibility, real-time updates, and third-party integration to increase the efficiency of your organization. Everything that you can do on the desktop version can be performed on the Salesforce mobile app.

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