Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing Automation Solution

B2B marketing requires precise measurements to fine-tune and scale the marketing processes. If you will operate it manually, it can be done only on a very small scale. But as any lead generation campaign spreads over time, it needs a reliable marketing solution, which can involve a large number of prospects and multiple touchpoints. In this case, the marketing solution that can handle it automatically, such as the Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing automation is a solution of the time.  

Before jumping directly on Pardot and its B2B marketing automation solution, let’s know them in parts. 
Explaining marketing automation- 

Marketing automation is a software platform which aids to automate the marketing and sales engagement, so you can generate more leads, and close more deals with accurate measurement of marketing success. The technology can help to grow businesses via tracking customer engagement and delivering a personalised experience.

Instead of that, when you connect it with CRM, it can automatically track and act on customer’s data so the business can get better engagement. Whether you want, you can check out the website, email, social media, or sales channels and analyse who is the customer and what they like or not.   
Marketing automation helps B2B companies in many ways. It helps in Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing, landing page and forms. It generates more leads and moves them rapidly from the pipeline and captures true marketing ROI.  

Types of marketing automation- Marketing can sort all the options into a few basic types

1. B2B marketing automation- It has become the traditional home of marketing automation, where Customers and B2B prospects form a small yet focused target market. B2B marketing automation is all about a long sales cycle that usually involves a multistage procurement process and part of the ongoing relationship of repeat business.  

In B2B marketing, the individuals do not make the purchases, but there are more than one persons involved in the purchase. 
2. B2C marketing automation- Business to customers is a sales cycle, where one must convince the customers in short time duration. In this type of marketing, the businesses directly deal with customers, so tracking customers interest and behaviour through marketing automation can play a big part in B2C.     

3. Small business marketing automation- It is not just for big brands, but small businesses can equally get the benefits from marketing automation. It handles the tasks by getting surfing insights automation, which can be helpful to small businesses without any huge human resources availability. The marketing auto
mation can attract and nourish the leads, eliminate the guesswork, and respond quickly.        

4. Mobile marketing automation- Mobiles are the new-age source of searching for things, whether for shopping or knowledge, mobile phones are more convenient. Marketing automation can personalise, the real-time messaging, analysis and A/B testing of content and integrates with apps and other data sources.       

In this article, we are drawing attention to the B2B marketing automation solution. Let's start with Pardot.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a B2B (business-to-business) marketing automation solution by Salesforce. It unifies sales and marketing together, so you can work better. It can be customised according to your company needs. As a marketer, you’re likely working on a variety of projects, in which Pardot provides a central location, so you can manage them better. It also tracks the prospect as they interact with your marketing channels, so you can tailor your outreach. 

Pardot can measure the lead qualification with 2 matrics:

  • Prospect score( A Numerical value)
  • Prospect grade( An Alphabetical value)

Once your prospect is qualified, you can assign it to your sales team.

The benefits of Pardot:

  1. Visitors - It can track the anonymous people who visit your website.  
  2. Prospects- It can identify the individuals who are interested in your products and services.  
  3. Demand generation - It can create a marketing strategy to build interest in your product and services.    
  4. Conversion- It will convert visitors in prospects, after they provide the contact information such as Email address, phone no, or submit the form.   
  5. Lead nurturing- It nourishes the dead leads via various marketing activities such as sending the emails.  
  6. Lead qualification- It makes it possible to get in touch with each visitor for lead qualification.     
  7. Assign to sales- After qualifying the prospects, assign it to the sales team.  

What is the Pardot campaign?

Pardot campaign is the first marketing-related contact between you and your prospect. This campaign will track your online related materials while a prospect touches any piece of code on your website. The tracking process works with the help of the tracker code, which is pasted or inserted into every page of your website. This allows you to track the website activity of your visitor and prospect. According to their interest, you can target them to sell your products.    

When to use Pardot?

  • Generate more and more leads to quickly move them through the pipeline. 
  • Make the data-driven decision, rather than the guesswork. 
  • Engage buyers with a personalized and dynamic campaign. 
  • Capture the real marketing ROT, from click to close. 
  • Build or strengthen your account-based marketing strategy. 
  • Rejoint customer experiences.

In the end, when you have learned how Salesforce Pardot works in B2B marketing Automation, it becomes easy for you to engage your customers and grow your business fast and accurately. For your Salesforce Pardot B2B marketing automation or any Salesforce related help, contact us today!