salesforce pardot implementation

Salesforce is a great CRM platform that provides your business with profuse benefits. It carries everything you need for managing smooth business operations. From Data Analytics to Customer Service, you get all the support under one roof using this platform.

Marketing Automation has started a new revolutionary trend in the B2B model as it puts forward insights, automates all marketing functions, streamlines workflows, and presents you with a detailed analysis of all your campaigns. This useful data can help you track the performance of your current campaign, understand the past deviations, and bring improvements to future campaigns. It also allows you to perform Salesforce Customization.

The platform grants you two Marketing Automation tools, namely Pardot and Marketing Cloud. The focus of Marketing Cloud lies on the B2C model of the business, whereas, the focus of Pardot remains on B2B. These two tools form the basis of Marketing Automation.

What is Salesforce Pardot Integration?

Salesforce Pardot Integration is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that you can sync with your org platform for computerization marketing. It has a lot to offer including email automation, directed email mission, lead management, and ROI tracking. Although there are other marketing automation tools on the web, Salesforce Pardot offers you expeditious data analytics and provides more reliable results. For this reason, G2 Crowd Grid has ranked Pardot among the top Marketing Automation Software.

Get Maximum Returns from B2B Marketing Automation using Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot Integration can do wonders for your B2B setup as it is one of the most efficient B2B Marketing Automation tools. It has various additional benefits that are mentioned below:

  • Faster Growth: Pardot offers smarter engagement which helps your business to grow at a great pace. Smarter engagement on this tool includes sales campaign tracking, prospect activity tracking, and real-time sales alerts. It also promotes personalized customer targeting. Moreover, you can enable sales and integrate it with marketing using Salesforce Engage. You may also opt for getting real-time notifications for prospect activity. Pardot also features a blended lead scoring and grading system.
  • High-Quality Leads: Generating high-quality leads has become a piece of cake for developers with the introduction of targeted marketing campaigns on Pardot. You may choose to build custom landing pages and forms on your Salesforce platform. Pardot’s built-in email editor ensures that you hit the right person at the right time with the right message. It also provides you with email A/B testing and SPAM analysis which helps in optimizing business emails for the inbox.
  • Calculate Marketing ROI: Salesforce Pardot is an amazing tool to calculate marketing ROI for your B2B operations. You can expect greater revenue with actionable reporting as it features visual reporting and custom Wave. Pardot also helps you measure the sales campaign success. It helps you distinguish top-performing emails using key engagement metrics. Further, you can get useful insights like Engagement and Lifecycle reports that allow you to find out the reason why your prospects are not turning into customers.
  • Enhance Customer Relationships: Engagement Studio is one of the most helpful tools on Pardot that lets you personalize the customer experience. It allows you to build custom engagement campaigns that focus on the buying signals of prospects and helps you convert them into customers. You can test each interaction before adding them to your campaigns and make required adjustments to enhance customer experience.
  • Drive more conversions: Your website can attract more and more prospects as long as it is visible on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page. Organic SEO involves two major components–the quality of content and keyword strategy. You can use Pardot to manage keyword table metrics, add a tracking keyword, and track the competition in terms of SEO.

Pardot provides your business with profuse benefits such as ensuring faster growth, calculating marketing ROI, driving more conversions, and enhancing customer relationships. You can get useful insights into your marketing campaigns and work on your weak points to improve customer experience. Hence, you can get maximum returns from B2B Marketing Automations using Salesforce Pardot.

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