Salesforce Stripe Integration

Between pandemic, Stripe announced its partnership with the CRM giant: Salesforce last year on 23 September 2020. And confirmed, Salesforce Stripe integration is all set to serve the top benefits together.

Executive vice-president & general manager of digital at Salesforce, said: “Speed, conversion & personalisation are key to digital commerce success. Our partnership with Stripe will boost conversion rates with a fast & easy checkout experience powered by our out-of-the-box payment solution.” 

Implementing payment gateways relates to the two platforms of Salesforce, which are digital 360 platforms and Salesforce commerce cloud. Whereas one side makes a digital transformation in the enterprise, another side builds the power of commerce services across the digital channels. 

Besides how Stripe values Salesforce, let’s know it separately too in the next segment.  

Understanding Stripe (Payment infrastructure for internet)- 

Stipe is an online payment processing platform that requires everything to receive and payout payment globally. Its products serve all including online, in-person retailer, subscriptions business, software platform, and marketplace. 

Their role is to secure companies from fraud, invoice issues, virtual & physical cards, financing, and business spend management. Stripe widely serves all businesses, whether it is small, mid-size, or enterprise. 

Moreover, it manages revenue, Prevents fraud, and also enhances your business internationally. So basically, it is enhancing money movement efficiency in a more secure, scalable, and reliable way.   

Stripe Integration Features:

  • Accept 135 currencies payments that serve payment efficiency   
  • Add Google pay, Apple pay, and Microsoft pay and streamline customer checkout 
  • Direct card network integration to build network acceptance rate and raise revenue 
  • Include SCA enhancement and security from fraud with conversion rate preservation
  • Omnichannel support and help multiple business models
  • Work with all major card networks which automatically renewed and expired card numbers 
  • Support SFRA, pipeline framework, and controller

Why integrate Salesforce with Stripe?

Intelligent reporting, safe & reliable data, and effortless installation are the utmost benefits of Salesforce and Stripe integration, for a more detailed one, keep rolling.

  1. Stripe payment fully integrated & accessible from within Salesforce: In Salesforce and Stripe integration, all Stripe payments whether it's from bank accounts or credit cards shows in Salesforce native data, which is readable. After that, these payments trigger another action in Salesforce that increases efficiency & automation. 
  2. Simple view stripe payment from within Salesforce and stay up-to-date: By Integrating Stripe with Salesforce, you can check all your stripe payments in Salesforce too in an easily readable format. Moreover, it makes you up-to-date while securing payment information. Also, payments can be seen by credit and bank accounts, as this integration also protects your sensitive data. 
  3. Eliminates data silos by fully connection Stripe customer data to Salesforce: Salesforce and Stripe’s integration eliminates data silos (collection of data held by one group). It allows businesses a complete view of customers’ data that control resource wastage and inhibit productivity. On the other side, the breadwinner allows you to associate with Stripe customers with either Salesforce contacts or accounts. Plus, all rich data of Stripe are also displayed in the Salesforce object and record, which makes the system efficient.  

Likewise, with Breadwinner payment, one can securely create and access Stripe from within Salesforce.

(Breadwinner- It is software that connects Salesforce to your payment procedure.)

Final thought!

Discussed Stripe features and benefits of Salesforce and Stripe integration are immense. However, we have not mentioned the entire integration and implementation process because of its technicality that should be performed by Salesforce integration professionals.