Salesforce1 Mobile App Vs Customized Salesforce Mobile app

Salesforce 1 mobile app runs on the Salesforce platform, unites Salesforce mobile offerings into one next-generation app for Salesforce users. Using this Salesforce 1 mobile app, users can create a record, read, update a record and delete records, access Visualforce pages and components.

In the case of Customized Salesforce mobile app, admins can customize their Lightning record pages as per their mobile business needs (such as a map that shows the location of accounts for sales reps), can create custom record pages, record type, and profile.

Let's discuss how Customized Mobile app better in comparison to the Salesforce1 Mobile app in details:

1) Performance Enhancement: As compare to standard Salesforce 1 mobile app these customized mobile apps will work more quickly which consequently makes employees more productive, direct connections with customers in no time, and partners more successful.

2) Customized UI: User's experience designed in a manner to support rich customization options, from simple page layout and end-user configurable changes to custom widgets and new API declaration for rich integrations. Themes, widgets, and plugin-based UI extensions can all be utilized to enhance the user experience.

3) White Screen Issue: While moving from one tab to another most of the time we have seen white screen came at the time of loading, so this issue will not come in front.

4) Limitless access to data: In the Customized Salesforce Mobile app there is no limit of using data (Objects and Records). Users can create any number of objects or records past leads, can create a rich database of accounts, contacts, etc. Depending on the data in your organization user can increase the access of data (objects) to an account.

5) Signup by Social Media (If required by customers): It enables users to simply sign up via their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This functionality helps your users to get in, with just a single click that help him/her to prevent the manual form fill up. Deploying this functionality is a great choice for both app owner as well as users and facilitate a hassle-free & a rapid way to sign in your app.

6) Custom Dashboards: There is a major advantage of using a customized  Salesforce mobile app, where users can get the representation of data in GUI Formats which means more clarity of sales stats, montahly reports, comparison with last month sales, etc.

7) Chatter Feed: "Social Media Inside Salesforce" which means the chats data can be shown on your mobile.

8) Integration with other Apps: Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software and is used by a large number of businesses across the world. Salesforce integrations with multiple apps help businesses to reduce duplicate copies of data and streamline the CRM with the business applications. Hence the same can be applied with the customized salesforce mobile app, user can integrate with another app according to business requirements.

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